I just love the computer!

June 7, 2023

I rarely read novels or murder mysteries. The last book I read was “Spare” by Prince Harry. It was a fun read.

No, instead of reading escapist literature, I prefer to do research on the computer, and then, I share my information with my readers.

It’s loads of fun. I enjoy it so much. And it costs nothing. I just sit there, moving my mouse, reading up on any topic that might interest me.


Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh:

Remember my recent post about Bangladesh? It was such an eye opener. Most people think that Bangladesh is a poor country. But, figures don’t lie. The per capita income of Bangladesh is higher than that of India. So, Bangladeshis are richer than Indians! Who knew? I got this information from the computer.



I love to peruse photos of dancers around the world, photos of birds of Hawaii, and other photos on the Internet. I share my findings with my readers.


There’s so much to read, so much to see, so much to learn about the world.

What would I do without the computer?

I wish I was Queen Elizabeth

June 5, 2023

This is Queen Elizabeth II having tea with Paddington Bear in 2022.


We were seriously considering moving to an assisted living facility recently, even making appointments with three of them. However, after speaking over the telephone with the manager of one of them, we decided to cancel all our appointments.

It’s just too expensive. And if we exhaust our savings, we will be told to leave. We are better off staying in our house. We have enough funds to live here, and we will never be evicted from our house.

Further, I dislike being with a lot of people on a daily basis, particularly people I don’t know. I would rather live alone or with one person than live in a group setting.

Why did I consider moving to an assisted living facility? The reason is obvious. I am 77 years old and am unwell. I have been diagnosed with “poly arthralgia” and “poly myalgia rheumatica,” which essentially means I have a “sore body.” I take a lot of medications and depend on a walker to get around.

I wish I was Queen Elizabeth with her staff of butler, servants, maids, chefs and chauffeurs. Man, that would make me so happy. No wonder she lived to 96. Think I’ll be so lucky?

Experiences with animals

June 2, 2023

I am not fond of animals. I have not been to the zoo since our trip to Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo in 2008:

Polar Bears at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, Japan (2008):


And I last saw a Giant Panda at Hong Kong’s Ocean Park in 2010:

Giant Panda at Ocean Park in Hong Kong (2010):



My father hated animals. When he was a little boy, he was forced by his alcoholic father to take care of the pigs instead of attending school. Finally, he was allowed to attend first grade when he was 8 years old, two years older than the other kids! He refused to allow us to adopt a cat or dog, as he felt they were filthy.



However, when I brought home a small chick from my 10th grade Biology class (where we incubated eggs in an incubator, which was thrilling), my father relented and let me keep it. He found a crate and placed PeePee in it. Lo and behold, PeePee began laying an egg every morning! Awesome! Then, a thief stole PeePee. Damn!

My father took me to a store, where we bought a second chick, which turned into a rooster. My brother was told to slaughter PoPo. I was appalled to see PoPo running around the backyard without his head. We ate PoPo for dinner that night. He was dry and stringy. Ugh!

Then, Dad and I bought a third chick. JoJo turned out to be a useless rooster, too. It gradually got sick for some reason. I gave JoJo to my neighbor. He cooked it and told me he found a nail in JoJo’s liver, probably ingested when he was pecking around the garden. That’s why he got sick.

By that time, I had gotten older. I was tired of acquiring chicks, so we stopped buying them.


Lani and I in New York (1974):

Then, in New York, I acquired a dog. Lani was a black Lab mutt, very frisky and loving. But, I disliked walking her twice daily in snowy weather and being tied down. I left her behind when I returned to Hawaii. A friend gave her to a neighbor’s kid.


Our feral cats, Kitty (left) and Cutey (2009):

David and Cutey (2009):

We befriended feral cats, but they eventually died or disappeared. David liked them more than I did, probably because he grew up with cats in his parents’ home. I did not.


We don’t have pets in our lives, anymore. I just don’t want any.

Architecture around the world

May 31, 2023

I love looking at beautiful architecture. It is fascinating to see great edifices created by humans. Awesome! Today, I would like to showcase incredible architecture all over the world.

(Images from the Internet)

Westminster Abbey in London, England (Gothic Architecture). I saw this in person in 1969:

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France (Gothic Architecture). I saw this in person in 1969:

St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican (Baroque Renaissance Architecture). I saw this in person in 1969:

Taj Mahal in Agra, India (Indo-Islamic Architecture). I saw this in person in 2012:

White House in Washington, D.C. (Neo-Classical and Irish Palladian Architecture). I saw this in person in 1970, 1987 and 2013:

Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Romanesque Revival Architecture):

Hawaii’s Capitol in Honolulu, Hawaii (Bauhaus Hawaiian International Architecture). I have seen this many times:

Iolani Palace in Honolulu, Hawaii (American Florentine Architecture). I have seen this many times:

Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto, Japan (Traditional Japanese Architecture):

Forbidden City in Beijing, China (Traditional Chinese Architecture):

Wat Arun or Temple of Dawn in Bangkok, Thailand (Thai Khmer Architecture). I saw this in 1969:

Angkor Wat in Angkor, Cambodia (Cambodian Khmer Architecture):

Notice how all these magnificent structures were designed and built by men, not women? Men are capable of creating so many beautiful things. Yet, why do they also spend so much time creating weapons of mass destruction? It’s senseless!

This concludes my photo essay of beautiful architecture around the world. Hope you enjoyed it.

DHT’s musical: “The Bodyguard”

May 29, 2023

This is the audience at Diamond Head Theatre:


We saw Diamond Head Theatre’s production of “The Bodyguard, the Musical” on Sunday.

It’s based on the 1992 film, which starred Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. Basically, the same plot but with lots of music added.

Plot: Former Secret Service agent turned bodyguard, Frank Farmer, is hired to protect superstar Rachel Marron from an unknown stalker. Each expects to be in charge; what they don’t expect is to fall in love.

This romantic thriller features a host of Whitney Houston classics including Queen of the Night, So Emotional, One Moment in Time, Saving All My Love, Run to You, I Have Nothing, I Wanna Dance with Somebody and one of the biggest selling songs of all time – I Will Always Love You.

As expected, a black woman played the lead and sang amazingly well. Bailey Barnes played Rachel Marron, and the Bodyguard was played by Andrew Erwin. Rache Sapla played Rachel’s sister, Nikki, superbly. That girl can sing! I didn’t expect to cry, but some of the songs were so moving that I did weep. The stalker was played by Ben Walsh and was sinister enough to make me cringe.

So, kudos to the great cast and terrific orchestra, consisting of Keyboards, Bass, Guitar and Drums. Bravissimo!


Always fun to listen to music at Diamond Head Theatre with David, my favorite partner of all time. Without him I would not have such a good life.

Although it’s not required, I still wear my mask at these shows, as I have no desire to get sick.

I also have mobility issues and have to use a walker to get around. However, I don’t let anything deter me from enjoying life to the fullest. I truly enjoy listening to live music and all that it entails. There’s lots of talent here in Hawaii.

I’ll do everything in my power to subscribe to Diamond Head Theatre next season.

Karen loved Bangladesh

May 26, 2023

My friend Karen visited Bangladesh last year and said it was really beautiful. She was captivated by its rivers and landscape. I thought it would be fun to explore Bangladesh on the Internet. Here are the results of my research.

Bangladesh, on the northern coast of the Bay of Bengal, is surrounded by India, with a small common border with Myanmar in the southeast. The country is low-lying riverine land traversed by the many branches and tributaries of the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers. Tropical monsoons and frequent floods and cyclones inflict heavy damage in the delta region.

Government: Parliamentary democracy

Population (2022 est.):165,650,475

Religion:  Muslim 88.4%, other 11.6% (2020 est.)

Literacy rate: 74.9% (2020 est.)

Annual average income: The average salary in Bangladesh is 312,000 BDT (Bangladeshi Taka) per year. That’s around US$2,944.70 as per the April 2023 exchange rates. In the fiscal year 2021-22, the per capita income of Bangladesh was $2,824, while India’s per capita income was $2,318. So, Bangladeshis are richer than Indians.


This is a map of Bangladesh:


This is its flag:


Dhaka is its capital:


Traditional clothing:






Art by Bangladesh artists:


Karen likes to explore exotic locales such as Bangladesh. In June, she will be in Brazil, and in August, she’ll be pitching a tent on the tundra of Greenland. She is an intrepid traveler with boundless energy and curiosity, so ready to experience something new and different. Awesome, Karen!

This concludes my photo essay of Bangladesh. Hope you enjoyed it.

“Chick Magnets”

May 24, 2023

If you’re a swinging bachelor and want to attract beautiful women, you should consider investing in a sexy car, universally called a “chick magnet.” When I was a freshman at the University of Hawaii, a tall, blond, blue-eyed man asked me out on a date. He was a graduate student, pursuing a Master’s in Clinical Psychology. What a guy! It was love at first sight when I saw the car he was driving: A white Austin-Healey sports car with luxurious leather seats. We drove off with the top rolled down.


Check out these “Chick Magnets” (Photos from the Internet).

This is a classic Austin-Healey (similar to the one my date drove):

This is a red Ferrari, driven by “Magnum P.I.” star, Tom Selleck:

How about this Lamborghini:

This is a vintage MG sports car (my sister in law, Pat, drove an MG):

This is a cool Alfa Romeo:

Check out this Chevrolet Camaro:

This is a snazzy Chevrolet Corvette (my high school orchestra teacher, Dr. Burton, drove a Corvette and parked it next to the music department; I loved to gawk at it):

This is a beautiful Mazda Miata (an attorney I worked for owned a Mazda Miata):

Mercedes has the AMG SL:

Toyota has the GR Supra:

This is a red Hyundai Tucson SUV (David owns it):

Then, there’s King Charles III in his horse-drawn Gold Royal Carriage (the Ultimate Chick Magnet):



To bachelors everywhere, I hope you get to buy the Chick Magnet of your dreams. And may the Chick of your dreams ride in it.

Hey, I enjoyed making this post. Hope you enjoyed it, too.

We were supposed to go…

May 22, 2023

We were supposed to attend a new art show at the Downtown Art Center on Sunday. It’s titled “Emergence” and features works by members of the Windward Artists Guild. However, I have not been feeling well, so we did not go. Too bad, because my friend Suzanne is exhibiting her work there.

My health has not been good. I have been told by my doctor to see a rheumatologist for my sore body. However, I have decided not to do so, as I don’t want to take any more drugs that the rheumatologist will prescribe. I already take too many. There are other tests that I have to take, such as an annual MRI of my brain to track a Pituitary Adenoma, and a sonogram of my liver to see why my liver enzymes are so high. I have agreed to take these tests. Yes, I am going downhill, aren’t I?

In the midst of all this, David talks endlessly about politics and sports, two topics that turn me off. He says the Republicans will be blamed if the nation defaults. But I say the blame will rest on President Biden for poor leadership. The Lakers and the Celtics are losing in the East and West NBA Finals. So, it looks like Miami and Denver will compete for the NBA Championship.

Do I really care about politics and sports? I care more about my own personal health and personal happiness. Above all, my own peace and serenity. I don’t get any of that from politics and sports.

Sometimes, it is best to cut out the noise and be silent. Focus on beauty and charm, not on the sordid aspects of life.

I leave you with this picture of a ballerina on the beach. Isn’t she beautiful?

Party for my in-laws

May 19, 2023

Yesterday, we invited David’s brother and his family over for lunch. It was pleasant to touch base with Mike, Shirley, Amanda, Victoria and Ju-Hwan. Three of them reside in Massachusetts, and two reside in New York. We see them every year, when they vacation in Hawaii for 3 weeks. They usually rent a cottage in Kailua.

This is my table:

Here we are:

Good news to share, and everybody is doing well. They seem to travel a lot, flying to Canada, Korea, Cambodia and England.

We shall see Mike and Shirley again next Wednesday, when they treat us to lunch at Mariposa Restaurant at Ala Moana Center. It’s a beautiful restaurant with a nice view and colorful mural.

Then, my in-laws will all fly back to the mainland.

Until next time, dear family, love and aloha from all of us here in Hawaii.

Hawaiian parks

May 17, 2023

Hawaii is more than beaches, although they do attract thousands of tourists every year.

Don’t forget the beautiful, verdant parks here.

(Images from the Internet)

On Oahu:

On Maui:

On Kauai:

On the Big Island:

On Lanai:

On Molokai:

This concludes my photo essay of the beautiful, verdant parks of Hawaii.

Hope you enjoyed it.