Lunch with Sylvia

January 15, 2021

We invited my younger sister, Sylvia, to our home for lunch last Wednesday. We had our air conditioning on to reduce the humidity. It was very pleasant.

Menu: Green salad, Brown rice, Shrimp with zucchini and onions, and Garlic toast.

Dessert: Dark chocolate cookies.

Beverages: Water and Apple juice.

I prefer to host lunches rather than dinners in my home. It is much easier for me, as I fade pretty fast in the evening.

Stir-fried shrimp with zucchini and onions is not difficult to make. I seasoned it with garlic salt, black pepper, cumin powder, and Italian herbs. I used a little canola and olive oil. Delicious and healthy!

Of my three sisters, Sylvia is my favorite sister.

We all had a good time, eating and chatting.

Health issues and insurance

January 13, 2021

On Monday, I had an injection on my right knee via ultrasound at Straub Clinic. Dr. Yamazaki, my orthopedist, did a fine job. It was fast and easy with very little pain. The injected solution lubricated my knee joint, and I can now walk better. However, the benefit is temporary, lasting two to three months. I plan to have more injections as long as they are approved by my insurance. Eventually, I shall have to have knee replacement surgery. David had both knees replaced a few years ago with great success. I hope to have similar results.

I have an appointment with my primary care provider on February 5. I plan to address issues regarding my blood pressure medication as well as the possibility that I will be disqualified from taking the Covid vaccine due to pre-existing health conditions. I shall also have my routine blood tests done one week prior to my appointment.

My health insurance is quite good. We have Humana Medicare Advantage, which Straub Clinic accepts. We pay no monthly premiums, no co-payment for our primary care provider, and only $40 co-payment for specialists. The ER costs $90. Surgery and hospital rates are quite reasonable, too. The plan also includes drug and vision coverage.

We are doing well with the health care we receive here in Hawaii.

Art retrospective

January 11, 2021

I feel like cheering myself up by looking at previously posted photos of art.

So, here goes:

I hope you enjoyed looking at these art pieces, displayed in my home, the art museum, and art exhibits here in Hawaii.

There is something about the visual arts that truly appeals to me. What would we do without artists?

My 75th birthday

January 8, 2021

My younger sister, Sylvia, invited me and David to her condo to celebrate my 75th birthday. We sat in her 7th floor balcony overlooking Makiki, a suburb of Honolulu:

We ate delicious food from Little Village, a restaurant in Chinatown, as well as spicy raw ahi from Tamura Market:

She made a birthday cake, consisting of fruits from the farmers market. She dehydrated the fruits first and then layered the fruits on top of a nutty crust. It was delicious. It took several tries before I could blow out the three tall candles:

Here we are after the satisfying meal:

This is the beautiful ribbon necklace that Sylvia gave me. It was handmade in Hawaii:

Thank you, Sylvia! It was very thoughtful of you to do this for me. David and I had a splendid time.

Getting along with our neighbors

January 7, 2021

It’s nice to have great neighbors, who are great friends, too.

Rose is an immigrant from the Philippines. She and her daughter bought the house next door in 2007. There are seven people from the Philippines living in it, a huge multigenerational family. Over the years, I have given her furniture and an area rug that I no longer need or want. In return, she gives us mangoes from her yard and homemade food. On New Year’s Day, she gave us Banana lumpia and Pancit. Banana lumpia is a sliced banana, rolled in a flour shell and deep fried. Pancit consists of noodles, stir fried with shrimp, chicken, and a few vegetables. Simply delicious!

Another neighbor, Judy, is from Vietnam. She and her husband bought the house on the other side of us in 2004. She has many friends and family from Vietnam sharing her home, too. Her husband frequently enters our backyard to prune his fruit trees and harvest fruits. In return for encroaching on our space, they give us Jackfruit, Soursop, Chico, Dragon fruit, Bananas, and other fruits from their many trees. They really have a green thumb, and their trees are prolific.

It is really nice having neighbors like these. We get along very well.

These are Chicos (on the left) and a Soursop (on the right) that Judy gave us. The Chicos are sweet when they are soft and ripe. The Soursop has a slightly tart flavor and is very juicy, making it a refreshing drink:

After the holidays…

January 5, 2021

The new year has dawned. I removed the Christmas tree and holiday wreath and placed Maria’s poinsettia on the coffee table. It is big, bushy, and beautiful. Thanks, Maria!

Note the new area rug. It is thick and plush, and the color is more muted and not as bright as the old rug. Further, it does not buckle, because it is heavy unlike the old rug, which was very thin and wrinkled.

After a flurry of home improvements, we have settled down. In a week or so, David’s new 65 inch LG TV will be delivered and installed in our living room. He is looking forward to better color and a better selection of movies on HBO Max.

We have a good life.

Lisa’s new dog

January 3, 2021

Lisa recently adopted a second dog from the pound. It’s the dog on the left. She has named him Hunter. He seems to get along very well with Sebastian, the dog on the right.

Hunter needs a lot of cuddling and affection. He also tends to be sedentary, so he needs to be near Sebastian, who is more active.

Both dogs have dachshund blood in them. Note their short legs and long torso. Hunter might be part chihuahua, too.

So, now, Lisa has two little guys in her life.

Way to go, Lisa.

Slip and fall

January 1, 2021
See the source image

The other day, I slipped and fell in the tub while taking a shower. I tried all kinds of contortions of my body and legs, but could not get up due to crippling arthritis and the soapy surface. So, I sat there and sat there — for 1.5 HOURS. David had gone to Target to shop for groceries and other items.

I finally heard him open the front door and say, “Hey, where are you?”

“Help me. Help me. I’m in the bathroom.”

He opened the door and saw me sitting there. He got into the tub behind me and tried to pull me up. We were afraid he would slip and fall, too. Then, there would be two of us in the tub.

So, he called 911 and asked for the fire department. They sent a fire truck with siren blaring. Five firemen hopped out. Two young, handsome men (they were not wrinkled) entered my bathroom. One supported my two arms, and the other hoisted me up from the back.

Then, they steadied me and asked, “Are you dizzy? Do you hurt anywhere?” When I said, “No,” they wrapped me in my towel. I thanked them profusely and went to the other shower to rinse off.

Thank God for those firemen. What if there had been nobody to call 911?

Something similar happened to David two weeks ago. He stumbled and fell in the garage and could not get up. He managed to drag his butt into the house and reach his recliner with no problem. If he hadn’t, I would have had to call the fire department, too.


New beverages to drink

December 30, 2020

I have discovered two wonderful beverages to drink: Iced cappuccino and Iced tea.

This iced cappuccino comes in cans. It is made by Royal Mills in Hawaii. It contains water, coffee, sugar, and condensed milk. It’s delicious with ice cubes. However, if you want it hot, then you have to pour it into another container and heat it up. I love it cold, though:

This iced tea comes in plastic bottles. It is made by independent producers in New York. It contains brewed tea from real tea leaves, and citric acid. So, you are getting Vitamin C with this tea. It is unsweetened:

I just love drinking these two beverages on a daily basis. Just one of each per day.

They just hit the spot.

I am a happy woman.

Dealing with Covid-19

December 28, 2020

Roses on my dining table.


So far so good. The Covid-19 virus has not touched me and my family yet. Honolulu is still on tier 2, which means we are allowed 5 people in our home, we can dine at restaurants on a limited basis, and tourists can vacation in Hawaii if they have good test results.

However, David and I continue to buy take-out food instead of dining at restaurants. We avoid crowds, concerts, movie theaters, shopping malls, etc. We are coping as best as we can.

Our in-laws from the mainland plan to be here in June. We’ll invite them to our home for lunch. But, if we are still on tier 2, we won’t be able to invite our daughter and her family, since the maximum number of people we can have in the house will be 5. If we are on tier 3, however, we can invite them, since the maximum number of people we can have in the house will be 10.

Somehow, things will work out for the best.