Lunch with Diane and Larry

July 18, 2019


Yesterday, our friends, Diane and Larry, came over for lunch. We usually see them about once or twice per year. The last time I saw Diane was in January, when we met at the Blaisdell to hear Iggy Jang perform the Vieuxtemps Violin Concerto. Diane and I both play the violin, so we truly enjoyed the concert.


I served baked chicken thighs, covered with BBQ sauce and panko crumbs, steamed brown rice, and crudité, consisting of mini cucumbers, baby carrots, sliced Roma tomatoes, and ranch dressing. Lemon meringue pie for dessert. No alcohol. There was apple juice, instead.

And no background music. Conversation was enough to listen to.

It was lovely.

Maria and Grant’s 15th wedding anniversary

July 16, 2019

maria's wedding-3-A

Tomorrow marks Maria and Grant’s 15th wedding anniversary.  Here we are in the wedding photo:  David, me, Maria, Grant, Judi, and Richard.

It was an outdoor wedding at Luana Hills Country Club in Kailua.  A Mormon bishop officiated, as Grant is a Mormon.  Maria is a baptized Catholic, but she agreed to have their children raised in the Mormon faith.

The reception was held indoors.  There was a lot of laughter, and we all had a great time.

But, David and I have never worn our suit and gown since the wedding in 2004. They still hang in our closet. If our younger daughter Lisa gets married, we probably will have to buy new clothes, since we have gained a considerable amount of weight.

I was 58 when I became a mother-in-law, and 61 when I became a grandmother.  I am now 73. Time flies, doesn’t it?

I’ll be okay

July 14, 2019


My side patio (2019).


I was mulling over investing in a fixed annuity, but decided against it, because the numbers don’t add up. I’ll just withdraw from savings, and that will be fine. I don’t think I’ll outlive my savings.

I changed my Primary Care Provider to a male doctor, because my previous PCP is a female and has had two maternity leaves within a period of four years. With my health concerns, I need a doctor who doesn’t take so much time off.

Thank goodness our house is air conditioned, because it has been very hot and humid. I was surprised that our electric bill is still affordable at $295 for June. In January, our bill will probably be $130.

As long as I am married to David, and have Maria and Lisa to help me, I’ll be okay.

Roosevelt H.S. alumni semi-annual lunch

July 12, 2019

Last Wednesday, about 60 of us congregated at Hale Ikena, located at Fort Shafter (Army). We were there as alumni of Roosevelt High School and Farrington High School, specifically the classes of 1963 and 1964, to attend a semi-annual lunch. It was heartwarming to see familiar friends and make new ones.  The buffet lunch was delicious.

This is the group of alumni at Hale Ikena, just a fraction of the entire class from each school:


This is the RHS Class of 1964, represented by 7 people. I am on the far left. Laurie, dressed in a black blouse and white pants, was our senior class president (1964):


This is a photo of Joy, David, and me. Joy is an alumna of RHS 1963. She and her husband used to be in our ballroom dance class many years ago. Her grandson will enroll in my daughter Maria’s high school this fall. Maria’s mother-in-law babysat Joy’s children when they were very little.  SMALL WORLD!


Note the red and gold napkins, which represent the Roosevelt school colors.

As a group, we alumni are doing very well, and we are all comfortably retired. Always nice to get back to my roots.

Improving David’s posture

July 10, 2019

David tends to be a hunchback. He has very bad posture. A trainer at the gym told David to buy a 3/4 inch PVC pipe and place it behind his shoulders. But, it was too difficult due to his arthritis and torn rotator cuff. Hence, he places the pipe behind his waist for 5 minutes several times per day. It seems to help. The PVC pipe bends, so it’s better than a wooden stick.

If he can hold himself erect, it might add to his height, which is now 6 feet 1/2 inch.





Julia’s soccer and Kawhi’s Clippers

July 8, 2019

My granddaughter, Julia, is only 11 years old, but she has big plans for the future. As a soccer player, she has played in three national tournaments, winning once. In June, her team lost in the quarterfinals, placing sixth among 16 teams. In July, she was invited to spend 5 days in Oregon to participate in an Olympic Development Program camp. It was her first trip to the mainland without her parents, but she learned a lot from the experience. Back in Hawaii, she watched all of the soccer matches leading to the World Cup. She was thrilled when USA won. She told her parents that her goal is to play soccer professionally. Well, good for her!

This is my granddaughter, Julia (photo from Maria’s Facebook page):


David is thrilled that NBA player, Kawhi Leonard, has joined the Los Angeles Clippers. Since the Clippers play exhibition games in Hawaii every year, David plans to attend the next one in October. He attended the first game two years ago, when Blake Griffin was still playing with the Clippers. But, the team is now a very different ball club. They now have Kawhi Leonard. As soon as David knows the exact date, he will buy a ticket online.

This is Kawhi Leonard, when he played for the Toronto Raptors last season (photo from the internet):


I won’t be attending, because I don’t have the patience to sit in the arena and watch the entire game. What I do like are the human interest stories surrounding all of the players. For instance, we know that Kawhi has a girlfriend and two children. They live on Kawhi’s sprawling ranch in San Diego.  Since it’s 100 miles from Los Angeles, David thinks Kawhi will probably buy a condo in Los Angeles, so he won’t have to commute such a long distance to get to practice and games.

Indonesian art

July 6, 2019

David and I drove to the Honolulu Museum of Art last Wednesday to view the Indonesian art exhibit.

The archipelago of Indonesia extends for 3,200 miles and is comprised of 13,677 islands, less than half of which are inhabited. There are 300 ethnic groups, speaking more than 250 languages. Islam is the predominant religion. There also is some belief in Hinduism:


Selimut. Timor, 20th century:


Libation vessel in the form of an elephant. Sumatra, 12th-13th centuries:


Maternity figure, nursing a baby. Borneo, 200. In the background are two drums. The drum on the left is from the Dangson people, 4th century, and the drum on the right is from Pantar, 3-2 century B.C:


Spirit Ship. Borneo, Bentian Dayek, 19th century:


Masks, worn by actors in a play. Java, Bali, Madura, 18th-20th centuries:


Monumental horse. Lesser Sunda Islands, Flores, Nage people. 19th century:


This is just a sampling of the many art works in the Indonesian exhibit.

David and I then had lunch at the museum café:


I had a chicken sandwich:


David had a pulled pork sandwich:


Dinner at the Chart House Waikiki

July 4, 2019

Last Sunday, David and I celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary at the Chart House in Waikiki. It was open air and had a nice ambience and a beautiful view of the Ala Wai Harbor.  There also was live Hawaiian music.

I ordered a Caesar’s salad, braised boneless short ribs, mashed potato, and Key lime pie.  We started with brown bread and butter:







Good dining experience with David, who has been my husband for 39 years.

It’s mango season!

July 2, 2019

David likes to forage for ripe mangos that drop from our neighbor’s tree to our yard. This time, he was in luck, because our neighbor, Rose, offered to pluck the mangoes with a mango picker. She managed to find two that were ripe and dropped them in our yard. How nice of her! We love Rose, because she is so friendly. She told us that she would bring more ripe mangos to our home next time. Right now, the other mangoes are too green.

These are photos of the mango tree and Rose’s mango picker. I peeled and sliced the two ripe mangoes for us to eat. Yummy! Eaten fresh from the tree.  Awesome taste.  So sweet and juicy and not rotten.








Modest, middle class people

June 30, 2019


David, me, Rylan, Julia and Lisa (January 2019).


I read the newspaper every day, either on the internet or the actual newsprint. Occasionally, I watch the news on TV.

Yes, I watched the presidential debates on both days. I think I’ll vote for Joe Biden, as he seems to be the most electable candidate. Beto O’Rourke would make a good vice president and would win in Texas, as he is from Texas.

We watched the downfall of the Kealohas in the worst public corruption trial in Hawaii. They were once on top; now they are on the bottom. Obviously, crime does not pay.

As for David and me, we obey the law, don’t cheat the IRS, and basically, we are honest people. The FBI is not after us, and neither is the HPD. No one has ever filed a lawsuit against us.

We live quiet, unassuming lives. We are not flamboyant, arrogant people. We are modest, middle class people.  We don’t need bodyguards, either.

Life can’t get any better than this.