Quitting being landlords

July 28, 2015

We have decided to quit being landlords and reclaim our master bedroom and bathroom. It will be nice to have the extra space for ourselves. We have given our tenant until September 15 to vacate the premises. It will be such a relief to have him gone.

This is how the room looked when the tenant moved in:

Ad-rental 002-A

Ad-rental 009-A

Ad-rental 008-A

The tenant will take his sofa, charcoal grill and clothing with him.  We will keep everything else.

David will move his king size bed and triple dresser into the master bedroom.  That way, he can use the master toilet with the hand rails permanently in place.  I will use the hallway bathroom, which will not have the hand rails and will be better for guests, too.

My husband and I are now sleeping in separate quarters and have been doing so since mid-May. He kept getting up throughout the night to go to the bathroom, and when he did, he woke me up. As he ages, it will only get worse.

Now that we sleep separately, I have been able to sleep better.  It’s heavenly.  I plan to move the full size bed and night stand from the tenant’s room to Maria’s room, which then will become mine.

Lisa’s room will be reserved for Lisa, when she visits us in Hawaii.

It will be a nightmare juggling all this furniture, but I hope we all end up happier with this new arrangement.

Bath/shower stool

July 26, 2015

David bought a stool for the bath/shower, because, after his total knee replacement surgery next Thursday, he will be in too much pain to stand in the tub.

Here is David, assembling the stool with our grandson Rylan’s assistance:

Bath stool 001-A

Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Bath stool 004-A

Bath stool 005-A

Bath stool 006-A

Bath stool 007-A

Bath stool 008-A

The stool fits well in the tub, so David should have no problem with it. I will have to help him bathe, especially his back.

I wonder, though, whether he will have difficulty getting out of the tub. The reason: He will have to step out with his left leg (the surgical leg). Won’t that be painful?  He might have to lean on my shoulders or the walker for support.

What would I do without all of you?

July 24, 2015

My dear friends, Flo and Raymond, invited David and me to lunch at the Pineapple Room yesterday. Here we are: (left) Me, David, Flo, and Raymond:

Flo, Pineapple Rm, flat tire 002-A

Click on the photos to enlarge them.

It was very nice to see them again and we caught up with what we were doing lately. The lunch was delicious. David and I ordered the Lunch Express, which consisted of soup, salad, sandwich, and dessert. Flo and Raymond ordered fish.

We finished with dessert, a strawberry tiramisu and vanilla ice cream:

Flo, Pineapple Rm, flat tire 004-A

After bidding our friends goodbye, we shopped at Macy’s and then headed home.  My Hyundai Accent began making a loud noise and started rocking and rolling. I told David it must be a flat tire, and it was:

Flo, Pineapple Rm, flat tire 005-A

I parked on Nimitz Highway, while David called GEICO for free roadside assistance. This is David, peering at the front left tire:

Flo, Pineapple Rm, flat tire 007-A

While we waited for help to arrive, we gazed at the beautiful Navy-Marine Golf Course:

Flo, Pineapple Rm, flat tire 008-A

A man from Pop-A-Loc appeared within 30 minutes and inflated and installed our spare tire:

Flo, Pineapple Rm, flat tire 012-A

We plan to buy a new tire today.

Thank you, Flo and Raymond, for the delicious lunch. Thank you, David, for knowing what to do when my tire went flat. And thank you, GEICO and Pop-A-Loc, for your free roadside assistance.

What would I do without all of you?

Preparing for surgery

July 22, 2015


A long time ago, David could sit like this with his two daughters.  Now, he can barely bend his knees due to severe arthritis.

David has seen an internist, an allergist, an anesthesiologist, a radiologist, a physical therapist, and an RN to prepare for his total knee replacement surgery, set for July 30.

His blood test, lung Xray, and EKG were normal.

Humana Medicare Advantage has approved his surgery and 2 nights in the hospital.

Maria has agreed to pick up David when he is discharged, because I can’t drive a mid-size car and she can. He needs more leg room than my sub-compact car can provide.

Today, David will drive to the University of Hawaii, where he will be interviewed and videotaped for a research study. They want to see him walk before and after the surgery to chart his progress.

We can only hope that this surgery has a good outcome. The surgeon told David that there is a 99% success rate and 1% failure rate. He said that when the outcome is bad, it is really bad, especially when there is an infection.

This surgery will determine whether or not he will proceed with surgery on his other knee next year.

Bose Sound Touch 20

July 20, 2015

As you know, David and I are classical musicians and we love classical music. We try to listen to two CDs every morning before we start our day.

Yesterday, we noticed that the music sounded tinny and not as lush as we would like. So, we headed to BestBuy and bought a Bose Sound Touch 20:

Bose Sound Touch 20 II 005-A

It is small but powerful. We bought an adapter to connect the Bose to our Sony CD changer. That’s the Sony on the left. We can now load up to 5 CDs in the Sony and listen to them all via the Bose:

Bose and Sony 002-A

This is how our music system looks on our book case:

Bose Sound Touch 20 II 001-A

I might add that the Bose can also connect to our WiFi so that we can listen to Internet radio stations.

What a wonderful invention!

Now, we are ready for our next dinner party, when we will play beautiful background music on our Bose Sound Touch 20.

P.S.  David said you need an iPad or iPhone or something similar to set the radio up.  The CD system does not need either.

Summer Fun Finale, 2015

July 18, 2015

We had a blast watching our granddaughter, Julia, perform in her Summer Fun Finale yesterday. After rehearsing for weeks, she seemed to know the choreography very well.

The theme for this year was “Musical Flashback,” featuring music dating back to the 1950s (Elvis Presley) all the way to the present (Bruno Mars).

Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Julia’s second grade group danced to “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.” She is the one in the second row, wearing white shorts:

Summer Fun 2015 001-A

After all of the groups had performed, the entire Summer Fun (Kindergarten-Sixth Grade) danced to “Follow Your Dreams” and “Watch Me”:

Summer Fun 2015 016-A

Here’s a close up of Julia in the second row, part of the entire Summer Fun:

Summer Fun 2015 009-A

My daughter, Maria, who is Julia’s mother, met her husband, Grant, when both were Summer Fun teachers at this same district park. You never know where or when you will meet your mate. What better place than Summer Fun?

Rylan will join Julia at Summer Fun next year, after he completes Kindergarten. We are looking forward to seeing him perform, too.

Here’s a photo of the happy family: Julia, Rylan, Grant and Maria:

Summer Fun 2015 018-A

David and I had a great time yesterday. It’s always fun being with our family.

What the doctor said

July 16, 2015


Moanalua Valley, Oahu.  Photo by Ted Trimmer.

I saw my internist a few days ago and asked if the intermittent pain and tingling in my left arm and hand meant something was wrong with my heart.

She listened to my heart and told me to do certain tasks, such as pulling and pushing her fingers in front and in back of me.  She also asked me what I was doing when the pain started, whether I was sweaty or nauseous, how long this had been going on, and so forth.

Bottom line:  I am not so sick that I have to be admitted to the hospital at this time.

However, because of my history of chest pain and now shoulder pain, she wants to rule out heart disease.  She scheduled me for a Stress Echo  Treadmill test in four weeks.

I guess I have not had a heart attack yet.  Halleluia!

Meanwhile, I continue to enjoy my lifestyle.

What’s wrong with taking it easy?

Prelude to a doctor’s appointment

July 14, 2015

As you know, I have been experiencing intermittent pain in my left arm as well as tingling and numbness in my left hand.  My daughter, Lisa, who is a physical therapist, told me that it might be a heart attack waiting to happen (not bursitis).  Well, that is good news.  Ha.  I will be seeing my internist today.  Let’s see what she says.

Meanwhile, I wanted to share some photos that make me very happy.

These are oil paintings that I purchased this year.

Click on the photos to enlarge them.

“Oranges” by my friend, Flo Miyahira, who used a brush:

New art 009-A

“Golden Gate Bridge” by my friend, Suzanne McCrary, who used a palette knife:

New art 010-A

Two different techniques, resulting in two gorgeous works of art!  They hang together in my living room, above family photos:

paintings together 004-A

On Sunday, David and I attended a Korean American Club banquet at the Prince Court Restaurant.  We gathered to honor four college students, who each received a scholarship from our club.  The buffet at this restaurant was excellent.

It was nice to chat with other club members:

KAC banquet-Prince Court 003-A

And the view of Ala Wai Harbor in front of the restaurant was very pleasant also:

KAC banquet-Prince Court 002-A

I enjoy my life style here in Hawaii.  Loving family, wonderful friends, delicious food, beautiful art.  What more could I possibly want?

Life Expectancy Calculator

July 12, 2015


Fireworks in Hawaii, July 2009.  Photos by Ted Trimmer.


Sometimes, I wonder about David.  Now that he is retired, his mind seems to dwell on rather strange things.

For example, he wonders when he will die and if he will outlive his savings.

The other day, he looked up “Life Expectancy Calculator” on the Internet.  He answered 30 or so questions on the long form (not the 5 questions on the short form), dealing with heredity, life style, weight, etc.

According to this questionnaire, David will live to age 90.

He also took the test for me.  I will live to age 92.

Since he is three years younger than me, he will outlive me by one year.

Judging from our individual savings accounts, he figured out the amount he and I can withdraw from savings each year until we die.

At this time, however, we tend to live on income and not touch savings.  Besides, we want to leave some money for our heirs.

Per the questionnaire, I will die in 23 years.  David will die in 24 years.

Of course, death could come sooner if we step out of the house and get hit by a truck.

Phantom pain

July 10, 2015


Hawaii.  Photo by Ted Trimmer.

Since June 25, I have been experiencing excruciating pain in my left upper arm and shoulder.  It comes and goes without rhyme or reason.  Is it bursitis?  I googled it and learned that the pain sometimes goes away.  If it doesn’t go away, a cortisone shot and physical therapy might help.

I remember having this condition in 2002.  I believe the diagnosis was bursitis, and I underwent six sessions of physical therapy (no cortisone shot).  Then, David and I traveled to Korea for five days, and the pain disappeared.

Now, in 2015, I have bursitis again, if that is what it is.  I take Tylenol, but it hasn’t helped.  I avoid Ibuprofen or Advil, as it causes colitis, which has been my experience in the past.

So, what to do?  I was tempted to go to the emergency room, but hesitated.  The reason for my hesitation is that, with my luck, the pain would disappear in the ER, and I would end up paying $65 for nothing.

Imaginary conversation:

Doctor:  “Why are you here?”

Me:  “Well, I thought I was in pain, but now, I am not in pain.”

As I said, the pain comes and goes.  Weird.

I already have an appointment with my internist next week regarding something else.  So, I’ll wait until then to complain about this phantom pain.


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