Friends you can rely on

October 26, 2016


Hawaii.  Photo by Ted Trimmer.  2009.

Though I know many people, I have only a few friends I can truly count on. The fact that the Seymours helped me when I had a nervous breakdown in New York City, going so far as to buy me a plane ticket to Hawaii, makes me feel so grateful that I have good friends like them.  And I didn’t ask the Seymours for help, either.  They took it upon themselves to buy the airfare.  They also called my father to let him know what was happening, drove me to JFK Airport, waited with me at the gate, and told the flight attendants not to let me out of their sight, as I was having a nervous breakdown.

Same thing with the Feldmans.  I didn’t ask them for help, at all.  But, they insisted on taking me to the hospital when I was ready to give birth (at 2:00 in the morning) and bringing me home with the baby.  After I got home, they took my grocery list and bought my groceries, because I had no car and no husband to help me.

I am forever indebted to the Seymours and the Feldmans for helping me when no one else would.

Then, there is David. He married me and adopted Maria.  What a wonderful friend he is.  We have been married for 36 years.  A marriage based on friendship is better than a marriage based on sex, in my opinion.  He says that I am his best friend, because I have stood by him through good times and bad.  I can say the same thing about him, too.

If you have a few good friends and a good husband or wife you can truly rely on, you will have a very happy life.

Make today a good day

October 24, 2016


This is a caricature of David and me in 1979.  He had a mustache back then.

Many people focus on the bad stuff in their lives. I tell them to count their blessings, because there are other people who are worse off.

Take my life, for example. I experienced much hardship as a child and as a single woman.  Marriage to David made my life better.  However, I am not in perfect health and have to take medication for my various ailments.

If I brooded over all of my problems, I would be so depressed that I would never be able to get out of bed, and nothing would get done.

When I wake up in the morning, I try to focus on today. My objective is to make today a good day.  If I can accomplish that on a daily basis, then, by golly, I will be able to look back on all of the good days that comprise my life.

Mixed news

October 22, 2016

1-19-10-Hawaii Prince-A

Hawaii.  Photo by Ted Trimmer.  2010.

I received my election ballot in the mail and voted for Hillary Clinton and other Democrats. Why?  Because Hillary promised not to decrease our Social Security benefits.  She also will tax the wealthy to boost Social Security.  She said so on national TV during the final presidential debate.  Boy, if she reneges, I will be the first one to riot.  I will be so upset with her.

In other news, David had a bone density test done last week and learned that he has osteopenia. His doctor prescribed Calcium 600 plus Vitamin D.  I think his osteopenia is due to heredity and to Low T.  I told David to see a new urologist to increase his testosterone, because Low T causes brittle bones.

I, too, had a bone density test done in June. Diagnosis:  Normal bone density, no need for medication.

This bone density test involves low dose X-rays of the spine and hips. You cannot get a proper diagnosis just based on measurement of height alone.  You have to lie on a bed, and then an X-ray machine will hover over your torso and move slowly down your spine towards your hips.

Humana Medicare Advantage PPO paid 100% for this test. I didn’t have to pay a dime.

Chopsticks, fork, or fingers

October 20, 2016

We recently dined at our favorite Japanese restaurant, Gyotaku, in Pearl City. Because I am Korean, the waitress assumed that David, who is white, and I preferred to use chopsticks rather than a fork.  So, that’s what we were given – chopsticks.

I had no problem with my chopsticks:


David tried his best, but gave up when the arthritis in his fingers resulted in pain:


He asked the waitress for a fork, which proved to be better for him:


Of course, when neither fork nor chopsticks is available, you can always use your fingers to pick up the food and put it in your mouth:


On the right track for now

October 18, 2016

greek marina-3-boat-A

Hawaii Kai, Koko Marina Shopping Center.  2011.

I did some banking yesterday, withdrawing money from one bank and depositing it in a 36 month CD 1.5% interest at a different bank. I won’t miss the money for that time period, and the interest rate is better than the one I previously had.  Further, the interest is compounded monthly.

I am avoiding the stock market, because some economists are predicting a major recession in three years. With that in mind, I prefer to invest in something safe like a CD, since I am risk averse and don’t want to lose a dime, especially at my age.

David mentioned an annuity, but I am not sure I want to tie up my money for 5 years.

Several realtors have asked us if we are interested in selling our house, as inventory in our neighborhood is low. It definitely is a seller’s market, and buyers are beating the bushes for single family houses.

We want to live in our 3 bedroom 2 bath house until we die. We enjoy gardening outdoors.  Living in a condo or retirement facility doesn’t appeal to us.

I think we are on the right track for now.

Family party at the Willows

October 15, 2016

David’s brother, Michael, invited various family members to dinner at the Willows on Saturday.  The reason for the occasion was to introduce his new son in law, JuHwan, who had married his daughter, Amanda.  There were 18 of us present.

Here are photos of the event.  Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Amanda and JuHwan:


The family (JuHwan, Amanda, Shirley, Victoria, David, me, and Michael):


Shirley’s 99 year old aunt and me:


Helping ourselves to the fabulous buffet at the Willows:


The family dining at two tables:




Beautiful couple.  We hope Amanda and JuHwan have a long and happy marriage together.  Good luck and best wishes, Amanda and JuHwan.  Hope to see you again next year.

Thai Issan Cuisine

October 14, 2016

As you know, I lived and worked as an English teacher in Thailand for ten months in 1969. It was there that I was exposed to Thai cuisine.  I learned to enjoy it very much.

So, it was no surprise that David and I found ourselves at Thai Issan Cuisine a few days ago. It’s located in the Pearl Kai Shopping Mall, which has ample free parking:


These are photos of David and me inside the clean, air conditioned restaurant. Unfortunately, I forgot to use the flash, so the photos are dark:



We started with the combination appetizer platter (chicken satay, fish patties, fried calamari, spring rolls, sweet sour sauce, and cucumber):


Then, there was the pineapple curry with chicken. At this point, the sticky rice arrived, and we could spoon the curry on top of the rice:


David likes cashew nuts, so we ordered beef with cashew nuts:


That concluded our delicious Thai lunch.  We dine at this restaurant quite frequently, because the food is so good.

Blogs David reads

October 12, 2016


David, when he was in his thirties.

My husband, David, has been retired since 2014.  He follows a number of blogs listed on my blogroll and truly cares about these bloggers’ lives.

For instance, he wonders why Cat has not been posting lately. Has she had a miscarriage, again?  Or has she given birth prematurely?

He is very concerned about Kay/Musings.  She has diabetes.  He doesn’t think she is receiving adequate care at Tripler.  She should enroll in Humana Medicare Advantage and see a medical doctor at Straub.

He is amazed that Dianne’s husband underwent successful knee replacement surgery at age 86 and managed to drive his car just two weeks after surgery.

He liked Jalna’s post about the cherries she purchased at Whole Foods.  He wanted to drive there himself to buy cherries, too.

It’s nice to see him getting involved in the blogging world. I told him to leave comments on the blogs he reads, but he said it’s not his thing.

One day jaunt to an island

October 10, 2016

The last trip I took was in 2013, visiting friends in Miami and Washington, DC. I canceled my trip to France in 2014, my trip to Las Vegas in 2015, and my trip to San Francisco in 2016.  All due to poor health.  I lost money, as there was no refund on the airfare.  For this reason, I have decided not to take any more long distance trips in the future.

However, I might take one day jaunts to the neighbor islands. David and I discussed flying to Maui next year.  It’s been a while since we visited that island.

What I like best about Maui is the art galleries. Many artists live on Maui, and their work is featured in many of these galleries.

For example, I purchased these two prints by David Warren, who lived and died on Maui:


Koi Pond 003-A

And I purchased this print by Christian Lassen, who was raised on Maui:


Who knows what I’ll see and buy next year. I look forward to spending a day on Maui.  Besides visiting the art galleries in Lahaina, we will definitely drive up Mt. Haleakala.  Hopefully, there will be no cloud cover, so we can see inside the multi-colored crater when we get to the top of this volcano.

Gone are the cats

October 8, 2016

Prior to 2010, the feral cat population in our neighborhood exploded. There were hundreds of cats everywhere, making poop in my yard and garden.  The stench was horrible:


So, we purchased a bag of cement, mixed it with water in our wheelbarrow, and shoveled it into our planter box. We also bought pavers and stones and laid them in our garden.  The cats stopped defecating in these areas:


However, we had to deal with reproducing cats. I purchased a cage from the Humane Society and was able to capture the kittens and their mothers in our patio and take them to the Humane Society:


Since 2010, the cat population has dwindled. We assume they have been killed by some sort of disease.  What other reason could there be?  I am not a zoologist, so I wouldn’t know.

Suffice it to say, we are so relieved that we don’t have to deal with feral cats, anymore. We rarely see them.

I just hope rodents don’t take their place. The last thing we need is a rat or mouse invading our house.

If that happens, I would welcome a cat like this one: