David’s classmate

October 15, 2018


There was a man at David’s 50th Roosevelt High School class reunion last year who really struggled up the stairs to get to our table.  When he finally sat in the chair opposite me, he was perspiring and trembling.  His wife placed his walker against the rail and then sat next to him.

I asked him if he’d had knee replacement surgery.  He said no, he had just finished chemotherapy for lymphoma the month before.

He said he had gone to the doctor for his annual physical, feeling perfectly healthy.  His doctor began feeling behind his ears and mentioned that he had lumps behind them.  He told his doctor that, yes, he also had lumps in his groin.  So, the doctor said that she would do a biopsy and get back to him later.  That afternoon, his doctor called and told him he had cancer and he must come to the hospital to start chemotherapy.

After a year of treatment, his cancer is in remission, and he is so grateful.  Every morning, he checks behind his ears for lumps.  So far so good.  The lumps have not come back.

I said, well, I am glad he could make it to the reunion.  He said that he would not miss it for the world.  He was determined to be here.

Bravo Restaurant – 2018

October 13, 2018

Yesterday, David and I drove to Pearlridge for lunch at Bravo Restaurant, where there is ample free parking:


We were seated in a comfortable booth:


We started with complimentary bread:


David ordered veal parmigiana with French fries ($17.49):


I ordered the lunch special — meat lasagna with garden salad ($9.99):


It was a delicious meal, and we had a good time, enjoying the food and the conversation.  Isn’t it great to be retired?

Toro Super Blower Vac

October 11, 2018

David bought a Toro Super Blower Vac for around $70 at Home Depot.  He blows the leaves into a pile, and then he vacuums the leaves into the white bag.  Then, he dumps the contents of the bag into the green waste bin:


It really helps him, because most of the leaves are caught inside the channel between the concrete and the fence.  Just use the blower, and the leaves fly out of the channel.

One set of attachments is for the blower, and the other set of attachments is for the vacuum.

It sure beats bending down and grabbing the leaves manually.

“Hello, Dolly!”

October 9, 2018

David and I drove to Diamond Head Theatre on Saturday to see a performance of “Hello, Dolly!”  It was our first time seeing it and, by golly, we were awed by the singing, dancing, and humor.

This is a photo of Loretta Ables Sayre, who starred as Dolly:


It’s about a widow, who tries to make a living by being a matchmaker and finds herself falling in love with one of her clients.  Oh, Loretta is glorious in the part.  She has a wonderful voice that is full-bodied and rich in timbre.

Years ago, Loretta played the part of Bloody Mary in “South Pacific” on Broadway and received a Tony nomination for it.  She is a great performer, very comfortable on stage.

Next Sunday, we will be at the Blaisdell to see an opera, “Romeo and Juliet,” by French composer Gounod.

With entertainment like this, I can live in Hawaii forever.

Our patio slopes downward

October 7, 2018

We bought 6 pots of crotons, 2 Boston ferns, and 2 asparagus ferns from Home Depot.  We have the plants in the side patio:


Note how the ground slopes downward towards the left.  We did this deliberately in order to prevent flooding of our home.  We tend to have tropical storms and hurricanes, so we don’t want the water to back up into the house:


And, no, we won’t cover the patio, because we enjoy gazing at the blue sky and the birds that fly overhead.

Ah, the joy of home ownership.

Alaska: Part 4 (Final)

October 5, 2018

Final part of Lisa’s ten day trip to Alaska.

Then we went hiking up a glacier and it was VERY strenuous because of the elevation gain and the cold! Like I said I was sweating on the way up because it’s all endurance and steep inclines but on the way down you are freezing because it’s so cold at the top with the glacier! So I was soaked in sweat but in a jacket and it was not pleasant.

This was at Kenai Fjords National Park:

Kenai Fjords National Park-1.jpg-A

Kenai Fjords National Park-2.jpg-A

Kenai Fjords National Park-3.jpg-A

Kenai Fjords National Park-4.jpg-A

Kenai Fjords National Park-5.jpg-A

Kenai Fjords National Park-6.jpg-A

And this was just a cute little set up from the town:

Kenai Fjords National Park-7.jpg-A

That’s pretty much the gist of it. Hope you liked my pictures! I have no other vacations planned other than coming home for Christmas so I will see you guys then! Love you. Goodnight!


Alaska: Part 3

October 3, 2018

Continuation of Lisa’s ten day trip to Alaska.  Her photos, her captions.

Then we went to Seward which was my absolute favorite. They call it a “beach town” and unfortunately we went towards the end of the season where everything shuts down but we were lucky that some places were still open.

We went on a boat to go kayaking to a glacier at Aialik Bay. It was about a 2 hour boat ride but we got to see cool caves and sea life and the boat would stop so we could look at stuff:



You have to zoom in to see the seals:





We sat and watched the glacier calving which is very sad all due to global warming. Soon there will be no more glaciers.


We also got to see a bunch of Orcas around our boat and the guide said they haven’t seen a single one all season so we got REALLY lucky!! They are all starting to swim south to Hawaii!!


More later.

Alaska: Part 2

October 1, 2018

Lisa’s photos and captions:

Then we went to Anchorage which is just your typical city. Not much to do. A lot of military. Also, cost of housing is expensive. We stayed at my friends friends place and a 2 bedroom townhome for rent was over $2000. I went running through the neighborhood and a lot of the homes looked like million dollar homes.

I hiked up this crazy mountain where you had to scramble up rocks and it was very sketchy but pretty cool view. You can see Denali in the background kind of:


This was a place where they help injured animals that can’t go back into the wild I forgot what it’s called:



More later.

Alaska: Part 1

September 29, 2018

Lisa spent ten days in Alaska recently, hiking in Fairbanks and Anchorage.  I will be posting her photos and captions over the next several days.

Hello! Sorry its been very hectic here and I have had a cold ever since Alaska. I hiked up this glacier and it was extremely hot going up and extremely cold coming down and I think it’s because my clothes were soaked with sweat that the cold made it worse. But I am getting better everyday. Anyway here are some pictures!! Alaska is very expensive like Hawaii like gas, groceries, restaurants. Our rental car was over $1300 for 10 days it was insane. You can get a rental car for $200 in Vegas for a week! Luckily there were 4 of us to split everything. Traveling to all of these states makes me really appreciate Las Vegas and how cheap it is to live here and how spoiled we are. Like you can get anything you want at any hour of the day, we have easy freeways, and some traffic but tolerable AND millennials can afford to buy a house here.

So we started in Fairbanks to watch the Northern Lights and you can only see it through a good camera because your rods are used for night vision but your cones see color. I only had a GoPro so my photos weren’t the best:
Fairbanks Northern Lights.jpg-A


Then we went to Denali National Park. You can only drive up to a certain point. After that, you have to take a School bus all the way into the park. It took about 6 hours to Wonder Lake and it was torture. We got off and hiked around. We did this for two days. You can get on and off as you please but if the next bus has no open seats you are not allowed on. So we ended up having to walk for 3 miles until a bus had room. Again, this was torture. The bus cost $55 a day. Also, Denali is one of the tallest peaks in North America and 3rd in the world. About 94 people die every year climbing it. Also, you normally can’t see it 70% of the time because of the clouds or snow or fog but we were so lucky we got it on a clear day!

Danali National Park-1.jpg-A

Danali National Park-2.jpg-A

Danali National Park-3.jpg-A

Danali National Park-4.jpg-A

Danali National Park-5.jpg-A

Danali National Park-6.jpg-A

They also had very interesting granite all over the mountains:

Danali National Park-7.jpg-A

This is the bus from the movie “Into The Wild” that is now at 49th State Brewery. The real bus is still out there off the Stampede Trail where hikers from all over the world go to but end up being stuck for days and having to be rescued because they couldn’t cross the raging river back. One girl even died a few years back. Denali is not forgiving if you are not prepared:

Danali National Park-8.jpg-A

More later.

Don’t be a politician

September 27, 2018

Me, D, M, L-53 by the sea 007-A

This is one of my favorite photos of me and my daughters, Maria (top) and Lisa (left).  David took this photo at 53 By The Sea Restaurant in May 2016.  Our daughters treated us to lunch there.


Aren’t you glad you are not a politician or a prominent figure constantly in the news?  More than ever, I prefer to keep to myself.  Why should I stick my neck out?  Keep to yourself, man.  That’s the only way to be.

I just stay home with David, and now and then, I dine with people who are respectful and don’t antagonize me.

I just try to live a peaceful, serene life.  A quiet, contemplative life.  I avoid people who disturb the peace.  Be with people who are nice to you.  Shun all others.

Don’t be a politician.  Know who your true friends are.