What to do when I am terminally ill

January 19, 2019

David-2nd knee surgery 024-A

This is David, resting after successful knee replacement surgery at Straub Clinic.  (June 2016)


A few days ago, I met with my primary care physician, Dr. Leong, at Straub Clinic.  We discussed my Advance Care Directive document, which had been signed and notarized in 2002 in my attorney’s office.  Dr. Leong asked me why I had checked the box that stated I want to be fed and hydrated when I am considered terminally ill.  She said that most patients don’t check that box.  I told her, “Well, I don’t want to starve to death.” (It’s murder or suicide, isn’t it?)  If I am in a coma or at death’s door, I still want to feel comfortable.  I don’t want to be craving something like food and water.  I want to minimize pain and suffering as much as possible.

On the other hand, I also checked the box that stated I do not want to be resuscitated with CPR when I have already died.

Last year, the State of Hawaii passed a law that now permits physician assisted suicide.  It is so ironic that the man, who championed the law, was terminally ill a few years ago, but has still not died.  Perhaps, his illness is in remission.  At any rate, it will be interesting to see if he does accept a lethal dose of pills from his doctor and dies on his own terms.

As for me, I am pro-life.  I am against abortion, capital punishment, murder, and suicide.

Movies: Dick Cheney and Ruth Ginsburg

January 17, 2019


David watches movies every week and gives me a synopsis of each movie.  He saw “Vice” and said it portrayed a negative image of Vice President Dick Cheney, who persuaded George W. Bush to invade Iraq.  Apparently, Cheney was the one who called the shots, not Bush.


David also saw “On the Basis of Sex,” which portrayed a flattering image of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg.  He said she likes to listen to classical music and is an intellectual, who fought for gender equality and women’s rights.  As for the title of the movie, she wrote a paper to decry discrimination on the basis of sex.  Her secretary told her that “gender” would be more appropriate.  After Ginsburg approved the change, her secretary had to retype the entire paper, changing “sex” to “gender.”  This was before the age of computers.

Ruth Ginsburg recently underwent lung surgery.  David and I hope her health improves.

Oddest reasons for longevity

January 15, 2019


This is a tree at Moanalua Shopping Center.  No snow, no need to shovel.  (December 2018)


I had my routine blood test last week.  Excellent lipid results, no problem with cholesterol.  As for random glucose, it was slightly elevated at 106.  I am not in perfect health, and I do have to take medication.  But, you don’t have to be in excellent health to live long.  My cousin, who has diabetes and arthritis, turned 90 recently.  She and her husband still attend the symphony and opera on a regular basis.  They are not deaf, blind, and don’t have dementia.

I sometimes read about people who live past 100.  When asked the reason for their longevity, they give the oddest reasons.  One woman said she eats 6 strips of bacon every morning.  Another woman said she eats one sweet potato every day.  And a man said he smokes a cigar every day and drinks whisky, too.

As for me, I am 73.  I am not a vegan and don’t exercise strenuously, but I am not dead yet.

Politics in the news

January 13, 2019


David and I in Seoul, South Korea (2002).


I read the newspaper every day (both online and the newsprint), and find it all very interesting.  Tulsi Gabbard has announced that she will run for President in 2020.  David and I will not vote for her, as she sides with Assad of Syria.  You won’t win our votes by doing that.

The shutdown has dragged on long enough.  Let’s put an end to it.  I feel sorry for those government workers who live paycheck to paycheck.  It must be horrifying not being able to pay your mortgage or rent due to lack of money.  I can see Trump’s point and agree that a steel fence should be erected along the southern border.  David and I think the money to build it should come out of the Pentagon budget.  Instead of developing new weapons, we should build that fence.

I read that North Korea’s Kim Jong Un might attend a summit with Trump here in Hawaii.  Let’s see it happen.  It would be even more wonderful if South Korea’s President Moon attended the summit also.  I like the idea of opening a dialogue with the North Koreans.  It’s so much better than before, when all we did was threaten each other.

And so it goes…

David is a keeper

January 11, 2019

cars 003-A

My car is on the left; David’s car is on the right.  (Photo taken in 2017)


Yesterday, I went to Goodyear to have my oil changed and get a safety check for my Hyundai Accent.  I signed a document, which stated I would owe $103 total.  Then, I stepped outside and got into David’s car to go home.  I told David the amount of the bill.  He said, “What?  It’s supposed to be $80, not $103.”  He got out of the car and went into Goodyear to see why the price was so high.  Well, it’s because they were going to use synthetic oil, which costs a lot more than synthetic blend.  David corrected them.  They agreed to use synthetic blend, instead.  Also, the price of a safety check had increased. Whew!  I am so glad David is such a smart, alert husband.

So, he proved he is worth his weight in gold, yesterday.  David is a keeper.  I am not throwing him away.

My birthday at PF Chang’s – 2019

January 9, 2019

Lisa treated me to my 73rd birthday lunch at PF Chang’s at the Royal Hawaiian Center in Waikiki.  Unfortunately, Maria and Grant could not attend.  The grandkids (Julia and Rylan), Lisa, and David joined me:


There was indoor and outdoor seating.  We chose indoor, because it was cooler.


We started with Sushi (Mahalo Roll), $17.99:


Asian Caesar Salad with chicken, $15.99:


VIP Duck, $26.99:


Mongolian Surf and Turf (beef and shrimp), $22.99:


Lisa and I posed outside the restaurant after lunch:


The food was delicious, and the restaurant validated our parking ticket.  What a splendid way to celebrate my 73rd birthday.  Lisa has left for her home in Nevada and might return to Hawaii in the summer.  Aloha and mahalo, Lisa!  We love you.

Falling in love with Josh Groban

January 7, 2019


I have recently fallen in love with Josh Groban, who calls himself a lyric baritone.  His voice is so beautiful, full of vibrato.  You should listen to his “Stages” CD, which features Broadway hits.  He sings with such ease, effortlessly.  Lovely!  I encourage you to buy his “Stages” CD from Amazon.

Regarding the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra:  Yesterday, David and I attended an all-Beethoven concert, featuring his Piano Concerto No. 2 and his Symphony No. 9.  Very enjoyable.  Next time, however, I would like to hear Vivaldi’s “Gloria” or Bach’s “Magnificat.”  Something besides the usual Beethoven choral symphony.  Variety is the spice of life!

Maybe, Josh Groban will sing with the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra some day.  Broadway hits would be terrific!

“Bitte, Fraulein”

January 5, 2019

Foster Village 003-B

Orchids in my neighbor’s yard (2014).


I love German classical music, particularly the music of Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms.  However, the German people leave something to be desired.  They are so rude.

In January 1970, I was standing at a bus stop in Munich, Germany.  I was the first person in line, mind you.  So, the bus showed up, and the door opened.  I was just about to step into the bus, when this big, fat Bavarian woman elbowed me and said, “Bitte, Fraulein!”  Then, she stepped into the bus.  I was forced to wait until this parade of big, fat Bavarian women entered the bus.  So, instead of being first in line, I became the last in line.

Bah!  I should have elbowed the woman back and said, “Bitte, Frau!” and stepped in first.  But, that would have led to a brawl, so common sense prevailed.

It was either racial discrimination or age discrimination or both.  In January 1970, I was a 24 year old petite Korean American woman.

I told David yesterday that I now know how the Blacks felt in the South.

What do you do for fun?

January 3, 2019


We attended this classical ballet last August.


One of the questions I always ask people is, “What do you do for fun?”

Sometimes, they say they like to go drinking with their friends.  That’s something I never do, because I don’t drink.

They say they like to travel.  That’s something I no longer do, because I am not well enough to travel.  However, I have already traveled the world and actually worked in Thailand as well as California and New York.

They say they like to exercise, garden, swim and hike.  That’s something I don’t do, because I tend to be sedentary.

They say they like to listen to jazz at the Blue Note.  That’s something I don’t do, because I don’t like jazz.

And so it goes.

Yesterday, David and I bought tickets to three Broadway productions at the Blaisdell:  “Phantom of the Opera,” “The Illusionists,” and “Rent.”  These tickets came as a set for all three productions.  We were lucky to buy the seats we wanted in the balcony.  These productions are scheduled for August, October, and December of this year.

We also subscribe to the Hawaii Symphony, Hawaii Opera, and Diamond Head Theatre.  We also try to squeeze in Ballet Hawaii and Manoa Valley Theatre.

We also like to attend art exhibits at the gallery and the museum.  This is David, viewing the art at the Honolulu Country Club last year:


And, that, my dear, is what I do for fun.  I might add that I have been blogging for 12 years, starting in November 2006, so obviously, I have had fun blogging.  Amen.  Halleluia.

Goodbye to 2018

January 1, 2019

I would like to recap the previous year 2018 just for fun.

JANUARY:  Our daughter, Lisa, stayed with us for 10 days.  She treated us to a nice dinner at Hot Pot Heaven.  Lisa resides in Nevada:


Also in January, David’s brother, Mike, and sister-in-law, Shirley, joined Lisa and the rest of our family for dinner at our home.  Mike and Shirley reside in Massachusetts:


MARCH:  David and I attended an art reception at the Honolulu Country Club.  My friend, Suzanne McCrary, posed next to her oil painting of Kaneohe Bay at this art reception:


Also in March, we had concrete poured into our patio:


David painted the patio floor gray and the walls yellow.  He did a splendid job:


Also in March, our friend, Hank, invited us to a banquet at the Koolau Ballroom in Kaneohe.  The banquet was a fundraiser for Manoa Valley Theatre.  That’s Portia, his girlfriend, standing next to him:


MAY:  We attended a comedy, “Shear Madness,” at the Manoa Valley Theatre:


JUNE:  David’s brother, Mike, and Mike’s family joined us for dinner at our home:


Also in June, David and I invited Mike’s family to a burial ceremony at Hawaiian Memorial Park.  After a few moments of remembrance, we saw Robert’s urn being placed next to Wanda’s urn.  Wanda (David and Mike’s sister) died in 2007, and Robert, her boyfriend, died in 2017.  It was their wish that they be buried together:


JULY:  David and I went to the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet for the first time.  I bought a shaved ice cone, which was refreshing to eat on a hot day:


David looked at the T-Shirts, but didn’t buy anything:


AUGUST:  David and I viewed the Okinawan pottery exhibit at the Honolulu Museum of Art:


Also in August, our son-in-law, Grant, exhibited his etched glassware at the Made In Hawaii Festival at the Blaisdell:


SEPTEMBER:  Lunch with my high school classmates at CPK Ala Moana Center.  We meet for lunch once or twice per year:


OCTOBER:  David and I attended the Broadway musical, “Hello, Dolly,” at Diamond Head Theatre.  It starred Loretta Ables Sayre as Dolly:


NOVEMBER:  My sister, Sylvia, treated me and David to a nice lunch at the Halekulani Hotel:


Also in November, we attended a Hawaii Symphony concert, featuring Mark Votapek’s performance of the Dvorak Cello Concerto:


Also in November, we hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for a few family members (my daughter, Maria, and her family and my cousin, Ethel, and her husband, Hollis) in our home:


DECEMBER:  We attended Ballet Hawaii’s production of “The Nutcracker” at the Blaisdell.  The Hawaii Symphony Orchestra provided live music:


Also in December, we attended our grandson Rylan’s Christmas concert at Ala Moana Center:


Finally, our family attended a Christmas party at our nephew’s home:


Lisa is currently staying with us until January 7.  This is her guest room in our home:


Well, Happy New Year, everybody!  Let’s make 2019 a year of joy and fun!