Bali by the Sea Restaurant


To celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary, David’s boss treated David and me to dinner at Bali by the Sea Restaurant, located in the Hilton Hawaiian Village.  These are photos of the event:

1. Table overlooking the beach

2. Hot Sesame Crab Roll, $14

3. Caesar Salad, $10

4. Surf and Turf, $62

5. Trio of Crème Brulee (from left: mango-lilikoi, chocolate-ginger, and vanilla bean), $9

6. Chocolate Diamond Head, free

This is a 4-diamond restaurant with excellent food and fast service.  We started the meal with a basket of Irish soda bread, French bread, and lavosh.  This was followed by Hot Sesame Crab Rolls, which were lump crab encased in seafood mousse, toasted nori, and sesame crust, served with greens and mustard soy aioli.  It was unique and delicious, something we had never eaten before. 

The Caesar salad was typical of Caesar salads, quite refreshing.

At $62, the Surf and Turf was pretty expensive.  It consisted of lobster, filet mignon, Hamakua mushrooms, asparagus, carrot, and whipped potatoes.  Although we requested that the filet be grilled medium-rare, it came to our table medium.  It was not as tender and juicy as the Black Angus steak we had at La Mer.  But the lobster was cooked perfectly, and we dipped it into melted lemon-butter.

For dessert, we ordered the Trio of Crème Brulee, described above.  An unusual, tasty treat!  And compliments of the chef, we were given a Chocolate Diamond Head, which came in a cloud of dry ice, emanating from under the dish.  Dramatic!

Total with tax and tip, minus a kamaaina 15% discount (good for the month of June), amounted to $200.45.  Over all, the food was to die for.  We definitely will be back!  — gigi

3 Responses to “Bali by the Sea Restaurant”

  1. Jason Says:

    At least when Cat posts food pics, I can afford going to those restaurants. 🙂

  2. M Says:

    The fuud looks great, but I can’t afford to eat at the places that you and your hubby eat at. I wish I could though.

  3. gigihawaii Says:

    It helps to have a generous boss. He has treated us to Morton’s (twice), La Mer, Bali by the Sea, and Roy’s (this last one we will dine at on Sunday). — gigi

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