Today, David and I will leave via Japan Airlines for our week-end fling in Tokyo.  We expect to arrive there Friday evening and then fly back home Monday evening.  I hope everything happens without a hitch.

Yesterday, David’s boss offered to treat us to dinner in Tokyo.  When my husband asked him to recommend a restaurant, he replied, “There are many good restaurants in Tokyo.”  We will charge the tab, and his boss will reimburse us when we return.  He also gave David 20,000 yen, worth over $200.  What a splendid boss! 

Altogether, we have 123,000 yen plus $300 cash for our trip.  Further, we got $500 in American Express traveler’s checks, not Visa checks, from the bank.  We don’t know why the teller told David earlier that they sold only Visa checks.  Anyway, aren’t American Express checks better since they have been around longer?  The fee for these was 1% of the amount.

Expect to see me back on this blog on June 17.  Sayonara!

6 Responses to “Sayonara”

  1. M Says:

    Have a great trip! Can’t wait to see your pixs and hear of your adventures. I miss Japan.

  2. LizKauai Says:


  3. Jason Says:

    Have a safe and fun trip!

  4. SteveM Says:

    Bon Voyage! Have fun!

  5. Kaimuki boy Says:

    Have a great trip! Take lots of pictures of the food. Oishi kata des.

  6. LizKauai Says:

    Welcome home!

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