Fling in Tokyo: Monday (our final day)


In the basement were displays of food.  People could eat the food on the rooftop of the store.

We chose to eat at the cafe inside the store.  Loved the sushi and soup!  2,100 yen per person.

Coffee float.  Yummy!  438 yen.


Cantaloupe for 8,400 yen (almost $84) and 10,500 yen (almost $105)!!!

We loved the watermelon juice at the Juice Bar inside the store.  It was refreshing!  500 yen.

FINAL NOTE:  We enjoyed our trip to Tokyo.  The Japanese are an attractive people – not only good-looking, but also very courteous and pleasant.  And, of course, the food was out of this world!  This trip cost us $3,095 for 3 nights and 1 day stay, after subtracting the 20,000 yen and dinner treat offered by David’s boss.  Next year, we plan to visit Hong Kong, and we hope it will be just as nice as Tokyo.

11 Responses to “Fling in Tokyo: Monday (our final day)”

  1. M Says:

    Shopping district my wife loves. She loves the food section in the basements of department stores and the prices for melons are out of this world. I agree that the food is the best. My wife wants to try to go to Japan every year.

  2. gigihawaii Says:

    You guys must be rich! Japan is very expensive!

  3. Masako Says:

    We just live frugally most of the time at home. In Japan we take the subway and eat at holes in the wall or pick up food at the department store and eat in our room. I enjoy walking around those food basements and checking out those expensive melons. I also like to shop at those arcades like Nakamise Dori, can find lots of cheap stuff.

  4. koakane™ Says:

    eh wea da wasabi?

  5. M Says:

    We shop a lot at the 100 yen stores too.

  6. gigihawaii Says:

    The wasabi was inside the sushi. Made my eyes water!

  7. LizKauai Says:

    gigi- thanks for the whirlwind pictoral tour! Only one thing missing- pix of you and David!
    Please post a pic of the two of you in Japan if you have one.

    See you tonight!

  8. gigihawaii Says:

    There is just one picture of David, but he looks awful. haha. Don’t want to embarrass him. There are no pics of me in Japan.

    I’ll take photos at tonight’s party and will post them here.

  9. Kaimuki boy Says:

    Love both Mitsukoshi and Matsuya. I’m glad you got to the basement. It is one of my favorite places in the world.

    As for the high priced food, I know it sounds weird but after you try it is worth it. The $85 melons are worth every penny. The pears, apples and lichee from the department stores are out of this world.

    To keep in our budget, we spend on those specialty items and cut back on others. We eat at home for breakfast. Other times, we eat unreal tasting ramen or tako yaki for lunch or dinner at $10-15, and then spend the balance of the budget on fruit or something special. We get the take out deliverly service to your house door for sushi dinner, which is the same quality as Sasubune, and average quality for Japan. The price is the same as Kozo’s for the tray of sushi, but you get more and way better stuff. If we go out, we go out for lunch during off peak hours (10:00 – 11:00 or 1:00 – 3:00) so we can get in the good value places. There is also a great sushi place in Asakusa that has the plates on the conveyor belt like Genki’s. The price is the same as Genki’s, but the quality is good for Japan. We rarely go to the $100 per person sit down dinners. Japan can be expensive but all depends how you spend your yen. We also frequently shop at 100 and 1,000 yen stores. We also usually don’t buy things unless they are on sale, and don’t usally buy things other than food from the department stores. If you look hard enough you can find the same quality stuff in small shops in Japan. The department stores usually have the best of the best name brands. That is usally to good for us. Its like shopping at Neiman Marcus versus Ross. You might find good stuff at Ross. A lot of times we find these places from the local newspaper, or asking people on the street. Plenty people speak a little English in Tokyo.

    Did you notice the eggs taste better in Japan? That is why their desserts and pastries taste great.

  10. gigihawaii Says:

    Both Kaimuki Boy and M said that the rice tastes better in Japan, but honestly, David and I thought the rice tasted the same. Maybe, we are just not as discerning as you guys are!

    Same with the eggs. They tasted the same as eggs elsewhere.

  11. Lynette Says:

    I’m back in CA and was able to view your blog. The food was delicious at Kincaid’s, but the presentation of food in Japan is so artistic and delicious, it outshines most places I’ve been to in HI, except for maybe Alan Wong’s.

    Can’t believe you spent so much on food in Tokyo (and also for the tour itself). The tour we took with Hand Made Tours was 11 nights and 13 days and cost us approx. $4, 500 each. Ours was billed as Springtime Flowers and Onsen (Hotsprings)Tour and included 3 meals a day except for the last day. We toured the countryside, but stayed at good-excellent hotels. We went to flower parks, a wasabi farm, picked strawberries, made chopsticks in Obama and did other fun things.

    A shorter tour of 9 (?) nights cost approx. $1,000 less and focused on the major cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kyoto. I highly recommend going with this relatively new agency in HI. The phone # is 841-0136.
    Tell Evelyn I told you about it.

    I took out our old scrapbook/photo album from our military days in Japan. We took free stand-by military flights out of Chitose, Hokkaido and landed in Yokota Air base. We took a Tokyo Morning Hato bus tour for $3.40 (1,200 yen)! That was in 1968 when it was 360 yen to $1.00. We also did some whole day tours like to Nikko and Kyoto. Can’t believe how strong the $ was back then.

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