Ice Palace


Lisa and me (43) at the Ice Palace, which is located less than a mile from our home.  This picture was taken at her birthday party in 1989 when she turned 7 years old.  In case you are wondering, yes, I can ice skate without aid, but Lisa was too afraid to.


Maria (10) and Lisa (7).  That’s my nephew, Aaron, on the right.

Ice skates can be rented at the Ice Palace; it’s included in the price of admission.  The ice rink is really not that cold — someone told me it was 55 degrees.  A sweater was all I needed.  David read years ago that there were 2 ice hockey teams, comprised mostly of military men, that competed at the Palace, but he is not sure if they still do.  It would be fun to watch!

One Response to “Ice Palace”

  1. Musings Says:

    Adorable photos of adorable children! You are adorable too, Gigi. Even after living in the Midwest for 35 years, I still can’t skate. No sense of balance, I guess. How embarrassing.

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