Dwarf Hibiscus


After our Mother’s Day feast at Assaggio’s, David and I went to Home Depot to look at the plants.  We decided not to buy the Yellow Lantana, after all.  Instead, we bought 4 Dwarf Hibiscus plants.  Here’s David, digging up the aging Ixora, which we planted almost 18 years ago next to the mailbox.  He will replant some of them in the backyard.


It was back-breaking work!  David told me that “next time,” he will hire somebody to do it.


He straightened the border, dug 4 holes, added potting soil that contains fertilizer, watered each hole, and then planted the hibiscus.


From Google:  “Dwarf hibiscus plants are not smaller by nature — that is, they are not genetically dwarfed. Instead, these are standard-size hibiscus plants that have been treated with plant growth regulators. Eventually, the treatment will wear off — usually in one growing season — and the plants will begin to grow at their normal rate.”  I wonder how high these plants will grow.  I guess I will have to prune them, so that the mailman can see our house number on the mailbox.


Our automatic sprinkler reaches all 4 plants as well as the curbside grass.  There are quite a few buds already, and I hope they all bloom.  The flowers are orange in color.  Do you like to garden, too?  What sorts of plants do you have?


This one bloomed a week after we planted it.  Beautiful!


Two blooms on one plant!


3 Responses to “Dwarf Hibiscus”

  1. Musings Says:

    Oh this is going to look so pretty. I’ll have to keep my eyes open when we’re traveling your way for those beautiful plants.

  2. Bill Honeycutt Says:

    We were at the beach last week and at our time share they had Hibiscus plants and then they had Hibiscus trees and I have tried the trees before and they would not live and they were also taller than I wanted but these at the beach wasn’t but about twelve to fifteen inches tall and I had never seen any this short and the blooms were just as big as the tree blooms and I wondered how big these plants would get.DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW TALL THEY WILL GET IF THEY WILL STAY AS SHORT AS YOURS ARE IN THE PICTURE i WOULD LOVE THEM or do you know how much sun they will stand or how cold they can bare? I would appreciate any info you can give me.
    Bill Honeycutt
    Lenoir NC

    • gigihawaii Says:

      I emailed you a personal answer. As I said, these plants will grow normally after about a year, which means you will have to cut them back if they get too tall.

      Hibiscus needs full sun, no shade. Temperatures in Hawaii go as low as 55 degrees F. The hibiscus will continue to bloom at that temperature, but they do need full sun during the day.

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