Class reunions

My childhood friend, Lynette, called last night.  She is in town until mid-August and wants to have lunch with me and our mutual friend, Suzanne.  “Okay, that sounds good,” I said.  We’ll probably get together on a weekend, as Suzanne still works for the government.  You may recall I purchased an oil painting (“Autumn in Japan”) from Suzanne, who has won numerous awards for her art.

I feel guilty about not joining them for the RHS class reunion last Saturday, but sheer laziness made me eschew painting the cafeteria lanai and then touring the campus and partaking of the bentos and drinks afterward.  Yeah, that’s right, laziness.  It sounded like a lot of work, painting, and I just wasn’t up to it, even though this project was a gift to our alma mater.  Now, the reunion committee is already planning the next reunion, which I might attend if it is held at a swankier establishment with swankier food.  I’m a terrible snob!

Otherwise, David and I usually enjoy our class reunions.  We attended my college reunion in May at the University of Hawaii.  It was a wonderful all-day affair that began with breakfast at Kennedy Theater, continued with lunch at the Campus Center, and concluded with dinner under the stars on the lawn outside Hawaii Hall.  We have also attended most of our high school reunions.  It’s always nice to chat with old classmates.  The most poignant moment, of course, is the slide show of classmates who have died since graduation.  It reminds us that life is short, so we should make the most of it.

How about you?  Do you attend your class reunions?  Do you enjoy them?

8 Responses to “Class reunions”

  1. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    I’ve never attended any class reunions primarily because I went to high school and college in Texas and as soon as I graduated I left and never had a desire to return. I’m in touch with several of my high school classmates and they have reunions every year. I’ve never been one to enjoy visiting the past for that very reason, it’s past and I enjoy living in the moment. But I know most people really enjoy and look forward to them and I think that’s great! Whatever floats your boat!

  2. LizKauai Says:

    I went to my 30th.
    The 41st is coming up this October… but it’s also the UH-Fresno State football game and I already have my tickets- game and plane….

    Scottsdale? Fresno? Scottsdale? Fresno?

    I’m still debating…

  3. gigihawaii Says:

    Oh, Liz, I would definitely choose the reunion, because it happens just once every ten years, whereas the Fresno game can be watched every year.

    Easy decision for me!

  4. Quilly Says:

    I’ve never attended a class reunion. They always seem to happen at the same time as some other life changing event. Twice I have been in the throes of moving cross country. Once there was a death in the family. Once I was unemployed and couldn’t afford the trip home. Maybe I’ll make the next one. Who knows.

  5. cloudia Says:

    Aloha, gigi!


    Reading and visiting you

  7. Suzanne Says:


    You missed a great happening! You didn’t have to come to paint the Senior Patio (although that was an easy and fun task). You could have joined us for a nostalgic tour of the newly renovated and classy auditorium with full production dressing rooms below, the spiffy athletic field and facilities, and the walk through the halls of the science building, evoking memories of when President Kennedy was shot and we were in Mechanical Drawing and Chemistry classes, glued to the radio. Bento lunch on the patio under red and gold umbrellas — catching up on the lives of old friends. No fancy dress, paint still in your hair, no pretenses, just plain old fun and warm camaraderie. It was great!

  8. Marilee K. Shigematsu Says:

    I never attend my class reunions in Bellevue, Washington. After being all work and no play in high school (except for the Seattle Youth Symphony), I had no desire to return.

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