Feeling happy and upbeat

Well, my health isn’t “excellent,” after all.   I now have a head cold.  Fortunately, my doctor prescribed Allegra-D, which contains both a decongestant as well as antihistamine.  Sudafed, on the other hand, contains only a decongestant, no antihistamine, so Allegra-D is more potent.  I take it every 12 hours.  It has cleared my nasal passages, allowing me to breathe.  Yay for Allegra-D!

My doctor also told me to take the flu shot in the fall.  Nah, I am not going to, because, knowing me, I will catch the flu in spite of it.  In fact, a friend of mine, who never had the flu in the past, got the flu shot on her doctor’s advice.  That night, she experienced high fever and chills.  This lasted for several days.  She was never so sick in all her life!  Since then, she absolutely refuses to have a flu shot.  And, guess what, she hasn’t caught the flu.  Anyway, I have never taken the flu vaccine and won’t start now!

Despite my head cold, I feel very happy and upbeat.  I think I am a lucky gal to be a wife, mother, grandmother, homeowner and author.  There’s also something else I am looking forward to:  David is taking me to see “Julie and Julia” on August 9.  It’s gotten rave reviews from both the media as well as chefs everywhere.  I can hardly wait to compare the movie with the book.

8 Responses to “Feeling happy and upbeat”

  1. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    Glad you’re feeling upbeat in spite of the cold! And as for flu shots — the only time I’ve ever had the flu was the one year I let myself get talked into getting a flu shot, too. So, needless to say, I don’t get them anymore. I’ve been blessed with good health, fortunately. Take care and enjoy Julie and Julia!

  2. kavita saharia Says:

    Gigi…..if you were here,i would have made you a wonderful cup of masala-tea..works wonder when you have flu…i know you don’t like tea,but still(lol)……keep up your spirits….you are an inspiration..

  3. pocho Says:

    Well I’ll be … . What a coincidence, I just went in to the Docs office for my 3 month checkup and inquired about the flu shot, specifically one for the Swine strain. I asked my Doc if there’s any side affects and he said he takes it every year(I guess he has to as he’s pratically exposed to it daily as a Doc) and you may experience the slight effects of the flu although not the full effects of it. hahahahahahaha, and guess what? He got over a flu just 6 weeks ago! So its not a cure all against the flu but its better than nothing I guess.

    In my younger years I did not pay much attention and stood around people who were sick. Now, as a One Man Band business owner I can’t afford to get sick and stay clear of sick people but that still hasn’t stopped the flu bug getting to me.

    I’ll use stategy if I do take the flu shot, I’ll probably take it on a Thursday/Friday and hopefully the side effects will go away over the weekend. Oh Well

  4. quilly Says:

    I have had two flu vaccines in my life. Within hours of each of them I was so sick I thought for sure I was dying. I will never take another of the horrid things!

  5. LizKauai Says:

    I will never have a flu shot.

    Gimchi jigae, lots of rest and chicken green papaya soup are my cold meds of choice!

  6. Dobbs Ferry Dude Says:

    I always get the flu shot for Seniors–free at Kaiser. When I’ve had the flu in the past, I’ve really crashed, so I want to avoid that. In general, I prefer medical solutions to folk remedies.

  7. Marilee K. Shigematsu Says:

    Sorry you got a cold, but glad you’re feeling good anyway. I believe decongestants do much to reduce the length of a cold.

    I always get a flu shot because I hate getting the flu.

  8. cloudia Says:

    Feel better, neighbor!

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