Humane Society


Yesterday, we searched for Cutey at the Hawaiian Humane Society.  He had been AWOL for 8 days, and yesterday was day 9.  A friendly employee gave us a form to fill out, and we attached a color picture of our cat.  The information was entered into the computer.


The staff member took us to a restricted area where strays and lost animals are kept.


The dogs stay in those cages.  We were directed to the cages holding the cats.  Cutey was not there.


We then entered the Cat House, which houses the cats available for adoption.  These cats have already been neutered and vaccinated.  Cutey was not there, either.



There were many adorable cats at the humane society, but we didn’t feel like adopting any.  We still hope that Cutey will show up soon.  Where in the world can he be?  Dawn told me that her cat died of a kidney infection.  She did not realize he was sick until it was too late.  Well, the last time I saw Cutey, he refused to eat his tuna (something he always devoured previously) and lay on his side, looking lethargic.  Could he be sick?  David said, “Oh, I really miss my cat.  I love Cutey.”

8 Responses to “Humane Society”

  1. pocho Says:

    I agree with Dobb Ferry Dude our neighbors cat in its last days came to our back door and layed there and my wife stepped on him not knowing he was there. Come to find out our neighbor said its on its last leg not eating and looking in bad shape. The cat did not want to go home but with some assistance managed to. I felt sad that the cat had to suffer and the owner not taking it to the vet for a Doctor Kervokian assisted death.

    I think I’m “pro end of life” done by the likes of Dr. Kervokian. If I’m lucky enough to reach an old ripe age and was bed stricken there’s no reason to go on. There’s no fountain of youth, there’s no cure for my neuropathy, etc. and I wouldn’t want to be staring at four walls day in day out.

  2. musings Says:

    I’m sorry you weren’t able to find your cat, Gigi. I’ve never seen that Humane Society Building. Looks like a very well maintained place.

  3. DrumMajor Says:

    Sounds like Cutey might have felt really yucky with something quickly sinking him….if he refused tasty food.
    If you get another, be sure and put the chip in it, but remember to register the chip. My kid works at a vet and he says owners think that just buying the chip at the vet upon implant does the task, but the chip company has to receive registration information from the owners.
    Short of owning a champion racehorse, pets aren’t monetarily profitable adventures….just money spent for little soft hugs and slurpy kisses. I like big dogs myself.
    Aloha, DrumMajor

  4. disandmore Says:

    Thank you for sharing your trip to the Humane Society with us. It’s never a happy experience when you leave empty armed.

  5. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that Cutey has gone missing! It’s so sad to lose a pet and particularly not knowing what may have happened to them. I’ll hold good thoughts for you and David and Cutey, Gigi!

  6. quilly Says:

    Gigi — my heart hurts for you. I wish there was some way to help you through this pain.

  7. kavita saharia Says:

    GIGI…HI…oh,that’s very sad…i know the feeling,we lost our dog ESTER few years back…it is a difficult time ,i wish you all the strength you need to pass through this …

  8. Says:

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