eHarmony vs.

My friend, Cathy, told me how she met her second husband 1-1/2 years after her divorce from her first husband to whom she had been married for 26 years.  First, she tried eHarmony, but found the men to be egotistical, because they bragged about their financial success.  She then tried and liked it better, because the men were more humble.  Also, with, she could pick her own potential mates, whereas eHarmony sent her men it thought were compatible with her.

She’s now been married for 1-1/2 years to hubby no. 2 and is brimming with happiness!  Before their marriage, they dated for seven months.  One evening, he took her to a romantic restaurant, where they had dinner.  Then the waiter brought out a beautiful cake.  An engagement ring lay on top with the words “Will you marry me?” written around the cake.  Haha.  Luckily for him, she said, “Yes!”

They decided to fly to Hawaii (from their homes in Arizona) and marry on a beach in Kahala.  A wedding planner did a wonderful job:  They were presented with leis; a minister, dressed in a robe, officiated; they composed and recited their own wedding vows; and then they dined on cake and champagne – all of which was captured in a hundred photographs.  They then honeymooned in a beach cottage in Kailua. 

After they returned to Arizona, they decided to relocate to Hawaii, because they both love being near the ocean.  And the rest, as they say, is history!

All because of

8 Responses to “eHarmony vs.”

  1. kavita saharia Says:

    My best wishes to Cathy…..i am glad such options are open for people to choose their partners… sounds good…never heard before about it…

  2. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    My best wishes to Cathy, as well. As for me, once was enough and I’ve been single again for 26 years and I’m very happy. Do enjoy my male friends though. I have heard good and bad about all the eHarmony and Match.coms, and if it works for you then that’s terrific and it would seem that this time it did!

  3. LizKauai Says:

    My daughter and hubby found each other on 😉

  4. cloudia Says:


  5. jojo Says:

    My cousin and her fiance met at They are in the process of planning their wedding for 2011. I hope it’s in Boston, I’ve never been there.

  6. Quilly Says:

    I tried eHarmony. I found the man’s first question was, “What do you look like?” This disappointed me. Not because I am ugly, but because I was hoping for something less shallow — that is supposedly eHarmony’s selling point.

    I did find my love on the Internet, but not through a dating service. We met through the blogs of a couple mutual friends. First we read each other’s comments, then each other’s posts. We graduated to email, instant messaging, and finally phone calls. Sometimes we talked for hours — from separate sides of the continent (Nevada to Maine) — and finally, eight months later, we met in person. He flew cross country just to do so.

    Four months and a couple of more cross-country trips later, I was on Summer break from my teaching job, and we decided to spend as much of that time together as possible. He was teaching a Summer oceanography class for UW in Washington State, so we spent 6 weeks together there. He’d received a job offer from UHM so at the end of the 6 weeks we both resigned from our jobs and moved to Oahu. That was a little over two years ago and we are still quite happy.

  7. gigihawaii Says:

    Interesting bio, Quilly. Yours is a success story.

  8. Dobbs Ferry Dude Says:

    I’ve been married only once, but I must confess I don’t understand how some men can “surprise” their beloved with an engagemenet ring, not knowing if it will be accepted or not. My wife and I spoke about everything under the sun for a year before marrying, and both knew exactly how we felt about getting married to each other. No surprises. On the other hand, we had no engagement ring because we were poor grad students.

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