Helping the economy

The other day, I hired JC Penney to create and install black out drapes (for the sliding glass door) and shades (for the two windows) in the master bedroom.  The fabric I chose for the drapes is pretty, as it matches the teal stripes in the wallpaper.  There will be a wand instead of a cord to make drawing the drapes easy.  Although the cloth lining will be white, it will still prevent the light from seeping into the room. 

The pleated shades will also be teal and will keep the light out.  Best of all, these shades will remain pleated over the years; they will not flatten over time like our previous shades. 

David will be very happy when these coverings are installed in October, as he always complains about the bedroom being too bright when he naps during the day.

Next month, we will have the carpet professionally steam cleaned.  It’s only been a year since it was installed, but I’ll bet that there are all kinds of organisms and dirt lying inside the carpet.  From experience, I know that the water will be brown when the steam vacuum container is emptied.

Finally, we have decided to stop our weekly golf practice at the driving range, and take lessons from a golf pro, instead.  Why start bad habits that will be hard to break?  We might as well learn to swing correctly from the get-go.

We are stimulating the economy.  Are you?

5 Responses to “Helping the economy”

  1. kavita saharia Says:

    WOOO time for makeover ……that’s great…..hope it serves the purpose,even i don’t like too much brightness when napping……..carpets do harbor many unwanted living things ,steam cleaning is going to help and will give a fresh feel……for drapes i think we will have to wait till October for the pictures though……
    stimulating economy……we do it most of the time……15 workers are working at my place for last one month boring a tube well…huge expenses!!!

  2. LizKauai Says:

    Good to hear about your economic stimuli!
    Especially the golf part!

    I’m coming for the Wahine Football Clinic tonight. 🙂

    Have a great day…

  3. musings Says:

    Join the club… stimulating the economy that is. I like helping our country but it’s getting a bit painful right now.

    We still don’t have our master bedroom furniture OR our car.


  4. Quilly Says:

    I am unemployed and need the economy to stimulate me! I had lunch in a restaurant today and Amoeba is going golfing this afternoon, does that count?

  5. gigihawaii Says:

    haha! Girls, I am glad you are ALL stimulating our moribund economy. Every bit helps!

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