Hope this sofa lasts longer


We donated our old leather sofa to the Salvation Army, and Inspiration Furniture Store delivered this new all-leather reclining sofa.  It’s dark charcoal, almost black, and made in Italy.


It has a cord on each end that, when pulled, releases the recliner – great for watching TV. 

I hope it lasts longer than six years, which seems to be the average lifespan for this type of sofa.  Usually, the reclining mechanisms break or the seats get lopsided and sunken in. 

We bought the 5-year protection plan, which covers tears and stains on the leather and problems with the mechanisms.  A technician will come to our home to repair it, when necessary.

4 Responses to “Hope this sofa lasts longer”

  1. kavita saharia Says:

    It looks very comfortable and good…..its great that you’v got a protection plan for the same.One day i would like to gift Chandan a sofa-seat like this one.

  2. Quilly Says:

    Oh, looks comfy! I would get a book and kick back!

  3. musings Says:

    Wow! That’s really gorgeous! We’ll have to head on over to Inspiration to get a bedroom set soon. I’m waiting for a sale.

  4. David Kellas Says:

    i love my sofa… it is black, leather and women commonly sit on it with me hehe 🙂

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