Thai Sweet Basil Restaurant

Thai basil-1-A

After the astronomy lecture at Hamilton Library on Thursday, David and I dined at Thai Sweet Basil Restaurant in Manoa Market Place.

 Thai basil-2-A

We started with Spring Rolls, which were crunchy on the outside and succulent inside.  I believe it is virtually impossible to serve a lousy spring roll.  During my more ambitious days, I would make these delectable morsels for friends, who were all impressed with my culinary skills.  It helped that I had taken Thai cooking classes.

Thai basil-3-A 

Seafood Salad.  More shrimp and squid would have made it more satisfying, but the lime dressing was refreshing.

Thai basil-4-A 

Panang Beef Curry.  More beef would have been appreciated, but, overall, I thought this entrée was excellent with just the right amount of heat.

Thai basil-5-A 

Fried Banana Lumpia with Coconut Milk.  David and I each had a plate of the lumpia, which were cooked just right.

For these entrees plus two bowls of Sticky Rice, the bill amounted to only $38.  What a bargain!  For those who don’t know, Thai Sweet Basil is located in the space formerly occupied by Donato’s Italian Restaurant on the second floor.  You can see the sign on the restaurant from the parking lot.  An elevator will get you there.  Try it; you won’t regret it.

4 Responses to “Thai Sweet Basil Restaurant”

  1. kavita Says:

    Once again great place,great food and i repeat you don’t waste a single minute ……i want to taste that banana treat right now….buhuu

  2. Quilly Says:

    I like this restaurant very much! I have had a different dish everytime I’ve eaten there and I’ve never been disappointed!

  3. musings Says:

    Those spring rolls are my absolute favorite!!! Yummmmm! I had a Vietnamese friend who used to make them all the time for us 3 decades ago before we moved to Chicago. That photo is making my mouth water.

  4. Jason Says:

    Another friend of mine recommends this place, but I never did get to try it. Some day I will definitely go!

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