From Rockpile, 2009, Ted Trimmer’s photos

from rockpile 2009-sea level-A

View at sea level

from rockpile 2009-Diamond head-A 

Diamond Head

 from rockpile 2009-surfing-A


Ted Trimmer says:
There is something about Rockpile, more than being the closest spot to my sailboat, and I just keep coming back to surf here decade after decade.  It’s been fair surf this September.  I’m kicking hard here, and there are some water droplets on the lens and some of my bodyboard showing in the lower right foreground.  So what!

Gigi says:
Mahalo for the great photos, Ted!  Readers, Ted used to be a jet pilot before retiring to a life of surfing and photography, and we are all the richer because of it.  I rarely go to the beach anymore, so I surf vicariously through you, Ted.

4 Responses to “From Rockpile, 2009, Ted Trimmer’s photos”

  1. Marilee K. Shigematsu Says:

    Thanks for posting Ted Trimmer’s refreshing photos. I love the beach, even if I usually see it in pictures or television.

  2. kavita Says:

    Yes the pics are great….the color of the water is so beautiful,i want to spend a good long week near the beaches with my family…kids love water.

  3. DrumMajor Says:

    Gigi — Go visit the beach! Take your grandchild! Show her the little things along the shore and tides!

  4. musings Says:

    This looks like something that my son would certainly be interested in. He’s a real surf addict.

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