1994 photography by Ted Trimmer

keehi lagoon circa 1994-A

Keehi Lagoon – circa 1994

winter 1994- view from Ted's sailboat-A 

Winter – 1994 (view from Ted’s sailboat)

Ted Trimmer says:
This is a scan of a print, shot by me in 1994, on PKM 25 + Leica M6/ 35mm 1.4 asph.  I miss the results of the old kodacolor and kodachrome asa 25 films.  The films were not without difficulties in use and development; the kodachrome 25 slide film was the more reliable of the two choices.  For your film needs now, I understand that Fujicolor and Fujichrome are available in asa 50.  My cameras now are a Canon G1 for infrared shots, Canon G10 for landscapes, and a Pentax W60 for surfing shots.  All digital.  I am looking for a used medium format film camera:  Towards that end, please keep me in mind if a camera kit comes up for sale.

Gigi says:  
I use a Canon PowerShot SD1100 digital camera with 8.0 mega pixels for all of my photography needs.  I love it, because it is tiny enough to fit in my purse as well as the palm of my hand.  I am curious about the types of cameras you readers use.  Are yours really specialized like Ted’s cameras or are yours simple (point and shoot) like mine?

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