We bought a new car!


We traded in our junk money-pit 2004 Saturn Ion for a fully loaded, power everything 2010 Toyota Camry (metallic grey).  It would be nice to own a “green” car like the Prius, but we can’t afford it.  Besides, the Camry is bigger than the Prius and fits David’s 6’1” frame better.

This is David’s car, which he will drive exclusively.  To say he is happy with it would be an understatement.  He loves it!  We hope to get many years of trouble-free enjoyment from it.

Note:  Although my Hyundai Accent was made in South Korea, David’s Camry was made in Kentucky.  Uh-oh, an American-made car!

6 Responses to “We bought a new car!”

  1. musings Says:

    Congratulations, Gigi!!! We’ve owned 2 Camrys. We had the first one for at least 8 or 9 years before my daughter lost control of it on the way to college and over turned it on the freeway. She came out of that so incredibly that we bought another Camry to replace the totalled car. That car is now over 10 years old and still being driven by our son in New Mexico. There’s been a ton of miles being put on it and it’s still doing well. I know you’re going to LOVE your Camry. We’re hoping to get our Prius in the next week or two and yes, it IS smaller than the Camry but since we have the Odyssey van, we wanted a smaller car for gas and environmental concerns.

  2. gigihawaii Says:

    Kay, I’ll make sure David reads your comment!!! What a great car the Camry is!

  3. pocho Says:

    Congrats David/Gigi

    we got a 10 year old Corolla that hasn’t had a major problem(knocking on wood) as of yet. But it has a lot of small dings and dents, hahaha

    Great brand of car, Toyota

  4. Mare Says:

    Congrats on your new car. I am a minivan fan because they are easier to get in and out of and that’s what I need. I hope that you have wonderful and safe adventures in your new car’s future!

  5. Dobbs Ferry Dude Says:

    My ex son-in-law was an automobile expert mechanic. He claimed that Toyota was by far the best. I used to buy Toyotas until they went the SUV route, so then I switched to Saturn which I like. Don’t know why your Saturn Ion (?) was a repair pit. My Astra has been just what I want.

  6. kavita Says:

    Gigi and David….congratulations on buying a new car…as going through Kay’s comment it sounds like a very good car.Cheers.

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