Planning a Bloggers party

I’ve decided to throw a Bloggers party at my home on October 18.  There will be eleven of us.  The criterion for being invited is that you have to own a local blog site that I visit daily, or be married to someone who owns a local blog site that I visit daily.  Besides me and David (who does not blog), the following guests will be coming:

IAN and Meda:
BURL and Mary:
Do check out these sites.  You will then know why I visit them daily.  Isn’t it wonderful how we make new friends just by writing a blog?  Innocent pleasures!

Since it won’t be potluck, I have been wondering what to cook for eleven people.  Here’s the tentative menu:   Tossed salad, chow mein, baked salmon, chilled shrimp cocktail, and olives, with chocolate cream pie and chiffon cake for dessert. 

I emailed the guests to see if anybody is lactose intolerant or allergic to seafood.  So far, so good.  Nobody.  Burl mentioned he hates bell peppers, but I wasn’t going near those anyway.  Now, I am wondering if anybody hates cilantro or mayo!

7 Responses to “Planning a Bloggers party”

  1. Pocho Says:

    Wishing you all have a Happy Bloggers Day at GiGi’s.

  2. kavita Says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun ahead….don’t forget to take lots of pictures for us.Good-luck.

  3. cloudia Says:

    I love ALL that food!
    Can’t wait, GiGi 🙂

    Aloha, neighbor!

    Comfort Spiral

  4. musings Says:

    Everything sounds totally delicious and Art and I both like cilantro and mayo. You are really amazing to do this, Gigi!

  5. quilly Says:

    We are very much looking forward to this party, Glenda and the menu sounds yummy.

  6. DrumMajor Says:

    Gigi — okay, if you’re going to have a “local” blogger dinner, someday we’ll need to do a “foreign” one, made up of your bloggers from elsewhere, eh?
    But just as I thought of this, Gigi sent some sauce supplies from her recipies to Kansas! What fun, and mahalo!
    Have fun at your blogger dinner. DrumMajor

  7. gigihawaii Says:

    DM, I’m so glad the sauces arrived in just 3 days. Enjoy!

    The next time you are in Honolulu, I will most certainly throw another bloggers party with you as guest of honor.

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