Flowers and my mother

flowers and mom-1-A

We were in the mood for new flowers, so David bought this color bowl at Home Depot for our patio.  It requires a lot of water, because it dries out so quickly.  I’ll have to keep an eye on it throughout the day.

flowers and mom-2-A 

Previously, we had to dig out our orange hibiscus plants due to white fly infestation, so David bought these pink hibiscuses for the mail box area.  When I asked him why he chose this color, he said they were the only plants with flowers.  I am fatalistic.  These plants, too, will die because of the bugs…

flowers and mom-3-A 

After all that hard work, we picked up Mom and took her to a simple, but filling, lunch at Islands Restaurant in Ala Moana Center.  David asked how much tip we should leave.  I said 20%.  He said that many people leave just 10% or no tip at all because they are having a hard time making ends meet.  I told him that we are fortunate we are still well off and we should continue to leave 20%.  So that’s what he did.

flowers and mom-4-A 

And this is my mother at age 93.  Except for mild dementia, she is in fantastic health.

4 Responses to “Flowers and my mother”

  1. kavita Says:

    GIGI,your mom is so graceful ,her skin is so beautiful….i love the dress she is wearing.Another great meal…three of you together make a great picture.

    The pink Hibiscus looks good and let’s hope they survive those mean bugs.

  2. musings Says:

    Your mom looks gorgeous! I hope you’ve got her genes and will look like her at 93.

    I’ve been using that Browners soap mix thing on my Ixora. So far, so good.

  3. Quilly Says:

    Gigi — Amoeba is a botanist. Talk to him about your white flies. He may be able to help.

  4. DrumMajor Says:

    Hi Gigi —

    Love the orange flowers. When I’ve shopped for hibiscus, the pink seems to be the most abundant. Since I’m not a “pink” person, I’ve found some red, white, and yellows from the Earl May store in Kansas.

    Your Mom seems to be a real angel…..we hope you’ve picked up her genes, too. Wow!


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