Thomas Cummings, cultural storyteller

Thomas Cummings-A

At yesterday’s Pen Women luncheon, the very engaging teacher and master storyteller, Thomas Cummings, offered “Cultural Cameos,” an interactive presentation about Hawaiian genealogy, myth and language.  His performance skillfully opened a fascinating window into Hawaiian culture.  He has developed, delivered and evaluated cultural activities and programs for 40 plus years.  The Maui native taught in Hawaii public schools for 11 years and worked as a Cultural Resource Manager at Bishop Museum for 18 years.  He currently works part-time at Kamehameha Schools Kupuna Program and as a storyteller in our schools and at many community events.  He was inspiring and immensely entertaining as he told us the story about Pele, her sister, and her lover, as well as the story about how Waikiki and Pearl Harbor came to be.

My friends, Dawn and Cloudia, sat next to me.  It was fun to hear their plans to further their writing career.  Dawn, who is currently peddling her historical novel to literary agents, is seriously considering publishing a collection of her short stories, which have O’Henry-type surprise endings.  And Cloudia told me that Google can make a PDF of her blog and actually publish it in book form.  Good luck to both of my pals!

7 Responses to “Thomas Cummings, cultural storyteller”

  1. kavita Says:

    How very interesting..these cultural discussions are always very interesting,especially coming from an expert….is your friend Claudia a blogger in blogspot,would like to check her blog.

    Kay once mentioned in one of her post the story of Pele and his sister,she referred a flower there….it was very interesting to read.

    How is David’s knee pain?Hope it is little better now.

  2. gigihawaii Says:


    Cloudia’s Comfort Spiral can be read at:

    She will be one of my guests at my Bloggers Party later this month.

    David’s knee was x-rayed yesterday, and he will know the results later. He is scheduled for physical therapy.

    Pele is a female fire goddess, not a male.

  3. kavita Says:

    Yes,thanks for correcting me,i just goggled it ….i read about it at Kay’s when i was very new to blogger.

  4. musings Says:

    Sounds like you had a great time. I know it must really be helpful to meet with other writers to exchange ideas and strategies.

  5. kavita Says:

    GIGI….anjali means a part of the offerings to the god.,after the rituals the offerings are distributed to the devotees.

    kumari-puja…..worshiping the virgin form of Goddess(kumari means a virgin,hence little girls are selected)



    Dola….a special hand carriage where a person sits and four people lift it

    Aarti….special ritual where we lite a lamp and worship the god sometimes alongwith the chants and sometimes prayers.

    Puja… worship

    i hope it helps,and i am flattered the pictures are on the spot clicked by me….all the pictures in my blog are clicked by me ,i don’t use other pictures.

  6. gigihawaii Says:

    mahalo, Kavita. I find your blog very entertaining as well as informative!

  7. Cloudia Says:

    It was more fun than being swarmed by gnats, GiGi!
    Well written post, neighbor…

    Aloha to US!

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