What do you like to drink?

There are presently five bottles of wine in my fridge, some from Europe and some from California:  White Merlot, Chenin Blanc, (two) Riesling, and Symphony.  These were all gifts from friends.  David and I used to drink wine, but we now prefer beer due to its lower alcoholic content.  We like Beck’s from Germany, which is the least expensive imported beer at Costco.  We look with disdain upon Budweiser, because it tastes like water, not beer. 

The other day, Lisa’s friend brought her a six-pack of Fat Tire Amber Ale from Colorado, where it is brewed.  I had a taste.  Wow, I loved it!  Sweet stuff!  Unfortunately, Fat Tire is unavailable in Hawaii.

Anyway, getting back to wine.  My brother-in-law, Pete, stores 200 bottles in a special refrigerator he bought for that purpose.  He sometimes spends hundreds of dollars on a single bottle, and claims to be a connoisseur.  He can tell you the history of the wine and describe its aroma and flavor.  I am totally impressed by his knowledge. 

To me, however, wine falls into two categories:  too tart or too sweet.  Often, wine upsets my stomach, so I generally refrain from drinking it.  The exception is a glass of champagne (sparkling wine) at a restaurant prior to the meal.  I enjoy the bubbles.

My FAVORITE beverage of all is SPARKLING CIDER, which is NON-ALCOHOLIC and very refreshing when ice-cold.  I always take it to meetings or parties.  In fact, people at a recent meeting all preferred Sparkling Cider, when the chairman gave them a range of options.  Wished I’d brought more than one bottle!

Of course, there are the usual sodas, coffee, and tea.

Besides water, what do you like to drink?

9 Responses to “What do you like to drink?”

  1. kavita Says:

    I tasted wine just once in one of the international flights and not liked it…so for me it is tea or any fresh fruit juice especially orange…and i like mango -shake and lassi(a drink made with yoghurt and lots of ice and sugar blended together in a mixie…yummy and healthy).My husband too is not very fond of alcoholic drinks,in fact he never drinks.
    When i see characters sipping wine in movies it does look like a interesting drink….with your description i am considering to taste a good wine just for once.

  2. gigihawaii Says:

    Wine is an acquired taste; not everyone likes it. But mango shakes are to die for! Yum! I wish I had a mango tree so I could make a mango shake right now. Watermelon juice is also excellent.

  3. tokyo5 Says:

    I like any alcohol. Wine, whiskey, Sake, Gin, Vodka, it’s all good!
    But beer is best!

    Every morning I drink coffee with breakfast,
    on weekdays, I drink milk with lunch…on weekends, I drink beer with lunch.
    I drink beer with dinner everyday.
    And water before bed.

    That’s about all I drink. Occasionally I’ll get a craving for orange juice, cola, or something…but not so often.

  4. DrumMajor Says:

    Hi Gigi —

    My favorite drink is the fresh papaya smoothie, made at the “end of the road” on the north shore of Kauai. The wet caves and park there, with the hat and basketweaver, and the folks with their little mobile van making the smoothies emit the best of humanity!”

    Midwesterners and mainland southeners are hooked on Dr. Pepper.

    If I want a tough drink, I use Dole’s mango/peach/orange juice and mango rum with a touch of raspberry syrup.

    For cheap red wine, I like Reunite Red, but it’s best cold. For a nice white wine, Piesporter Michelsburg is nice.

    Cheers, DrumMajor

  5. gigihawaii Says:

    MANGO RUM??? Never heard of it. But, anything with mango I like…

  6. musings Says:

    I like sparkling cider, too. I have a coffee/chocolate milk mocha every morning.

  7. Quilly Says:

    I am not much into alcohol. If you open my fridge you may occasionally find wine or beer, but most often you’ll find unsweetened iced tea or Coca Cola (Amoeba) or Diet Dr. Pepper (me). And these days, not so much Diet Dr. P.

  8. LizKauai Says:

    I used to drink Coke classic- before it was a classic 🙂

    Childhood is full of memories of A&W Rootbeer and floats.

    I fell in love with N/A beer in the Holy Land and enjoyed the taste of Karamaltz, a very dark, sweet N/A malt drink from Germany.

    I agree with you about Martinelli’s. And Martinelli’s with cranberry!

    Today it is coffee – Americano with 1/2 and 1/2 if Starbucks.
    And water.

    Mostly water!

  9. Jason Says:

    We’ll buy a pack of sparkling apple cider from Costco for New Year’s every year. I drink it all within four days. Not good, all those calories, but I love that stuff.

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