Book sales, a/c, leaky roof, Hong Kong

cutey and flowers-1-A

cutey and flowers-2-A
This is Cutey in our patio.  October marks his 3rd birthday. 

Good news!  A hospital gift shop has ordered 15 books from me, boosting my income.  Whee!  Way to go, Gigi!

On another note, it’s been so hot and humid lately that I am grateful for my air conditioned home.  The a/c thermometer shows an indoor temperature of 75 degrees, necessitating a sweater. 

Yesterday’s storm caused the roof near the front door to leak.  Since it’s a small leak and the warranty expired last October, we are debating whether to change the roofing.  We’ll probably wait until it gets worse.  Meanwhile, David will caulk the area.

And my husband is setting aside some vacation days for our trip to Hong Kong in May.  Yes, we have decided to travel during a period when flu is not rampant and when typhoons don’t normally strike.  I just hope my plants are watered and our cats are fed while we are away.  Lisa, are you paying attention?

David’s arthritis worries me.  If he ends up in a wheelchair like his crippled mother, we won’t be able to travel.  So, we are trying to squeeze as much adventure as we can in the short amount of time available.  We want to make happy memories while we still can.

8 Responses to “Book sales, a/c, leaky roof, Hong Kong”

  1. DrumMajor Says:

    Sounds busy!

    Other hospital’s gift shops might be a new idea for promoting your books!

    Might want to track the water leak. It may not be the roof. That area between the under-roof and the door jamb is a common leak spot. In Kansas we get them fixed quickly because the winter cold and ice further damages the wood, but alas, you are in warm Paradise.

    Hong Kong sounds busy. Ask Lisa to be a “Critter Sitter.” Such companies charge $15 to $25 per day to come to your home, once or twice a day and bring in the mail, water plants and play with pets or walk the dog. Really keeps dogs from being caged at the vet.

    If David keeps in touch with his doctor and follows instructions about exercises, meds and follow-up visits, he should be good for several more years and miles. Hopefully he’s on the mend and you’ll never need to worry about a wheelchair. Several meds are available, and he and his doc may need to try a few to see which one works best for him.

    Cheers, DrumMajor

  2. kavita Says:

    Was there a storm yesterday?Hope the leak is taken care of when needed.Cutey looks cute and the flowers pretty.I think and hope David’s knee is healthy again so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest…..i know you will.

  3. kavita Says:

    I forgot to congratulate you on your books deal……Congratulations.

  4. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    Yes! Congratulations on your book deal! That’s wonderful news! I hope you get the leak taken care of. And I hope all goes well with David’s knee and that you have a great trip to Hong Kong! That’s something fun to look forward to.

    Have a great weekend!


  5. Quilly Says:

    Yay to the books sales! Boo to the leaky roof — caulking should do on a small leak for now. Hooray for Hong Kong, that sounds fun. And as to the weather — I wanted air conditioning so badly yesterday that I spent two hours and way too much money shopping because the store was blessedly cool!

  6. musings Says:

    Oh what a cutey!

    Congratulations on your book sale. Sorry to hear about the leak. It’s a bother, isn’t it? We’ve got a carpenter over here right now changing our shabby side door with the broken screen, etc.

    Your trip to Hong Kong sounds terrific and I hope David’s arthritis will be OK for the traveling.

  7. cloudia Says:


    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  8. Gabriel Jonson Says:

    nice cat i love it

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