Blu Water Grill

blu water-1-A

Pat and I had a wonderful lunch at Blu Water Grill yesterday.  It is located in Hawaii Kai behind Long’s Drugs Store.  It was bright and sunny, my kind of weather.

blu water-2-A

blu water-3-A 

Views from our table.  You can choose between sitting outdoors on the water’s edge or sitting indoors where it is air conditioned.  We chose the latter and sat next to a large window.

blu water-4-A 

Pat ordered shrimp and fish tacos.  She said the relish was spicy and gave the whole meal a nice kick.

 blu water-5-A

I ordered fish and chips.  The fish was covered with panko bread crumbs and deep fried.  The result was a tender, juicy fish fillet with crunchy coating.  Served with ketchup and tartar sauce.

 blu water-6-A

For dessert, Pat had warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream.  Comfort food!

 blu water-7-A

I had key lime pie with oreo cookie crust.  Those are two spaghetti noodles, coated with cinnamon.  Perfect pie!  Not too sour, not too sweet.

This was certainly not the best way to “lose weight,” but, hey, we all need some JOY in our lives!  Right???

7 Responses to “Blu Water Grill”

  1. DrumMajor Says:

    Lovely view on the water. Who lives across the bay in those duplexes? Never seen spaghetti spikes before! DrumMajor

  2. gigihawaii Says:

    People who can afford to live there, of course! Pat’s co-worker lives there with her husband.

    Must be humbug to evacuate during tsunami warning, though.

  3. Quilly Says:

    Hey, you weren’t far from my house! We have only eaten at Blue Water Grill once, the food was yummy, but Amoeba didn’t like the crowd and it was PACKED.

    (No, I do not live on the water in Hawaii Kai, we live much more modestly in Kuli’ou’ou.)

  4. gigihawaii Says:

    Hmmm. Not many people there at 11 a.m. on Thursday.

  5. kavita Says:

    What a beautiful location i must say…GIGI,now i am getting little jealous of you here…oh that sweet thing on your plate and think of it i am fasting today….its Diwali a very big festival ,lots of celebrations for us…..

  6. musings Says:

    We’ve never eaten there. It looks great though. I guess it’s too far for us. We’re really bad about going too far.

  7. Taylor Says:

    This is my moms restuarnt ahahahahahah!

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