Long time no see…

Maria and Grant came by the house with Julia yesterday.  They stayed for an hour or so before going off to watch a homecoming parade and football game.  It was great to see my little granddaughter, who will turn 2 years old next month.

“How old are you, Julia?” I asked.

“Two, almost,” Julia responded.  I wondered how quickly she’ll drop the “almost” when she does turn two.  Habits are hard to break.

Since the movie is out, I read her the children’s story it’s based on, “Where the Wild Things Are.” 

“Big moon, sky” she said, pointing to the moon and sky in the book.

“How many Wild Things are there?”

She counted them, “One, two, three, four, five.”  Maria told me Julia can count to ten.

After I had finished reading the story, she took the book to her parents, who again read the story.  Julia then got up and returned the book to me.  She is so organized, I thought.

“High Five,” she said to me, holding up her hand to slap mine.  This girl is hip, I thought.

So the hour went.  After a hug and kiss, they were gone.

David hasn’t seen his granddaughter since late August when we all met at Assaggio’s for dinner with David’s brother and his family.  Maria said she has been very busy.  Too busy to even update her blog.  The last post is dated July 17.  I think her in-laws see Julia more often, because the two families live just a block from each other.  Julia’s sitter also lives in the same vicinity.

Poor Grandpa David…

5 Responses to “Long time no see…”

  1. Cloudia Says:

    Sweet!! Looking forward to your bloggers party…

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  2. LizKauai Says:

    Don’t miss out- invite Julia over for a few hours every month!

  3. Quilly Says:

    Especially since this island is so small! If Julia can’t come to you, can you go to Julia?

  4. musings Says:

    Wow! She’s not even 2 and she can count and understand “almost?” What a smart baby! I wish you could see them more often.

  5. kavita Says:

    It is always wonderful to see grandparents and the kids interacting ……the kids too love their grandparents as much as they love them…..i too wish that you all meet each other more often.Julia is a smart kid,i think story-telling habit has a lot to do with it and genes too speak a lot.

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