Spreading the wealth around

Photo by Ted Trimmer:  Hawaiian Puffer Fish.

I spent a couple of hours today, having a haircut and a pedicure, spreading the wealth around.  We are all capitalists here in America, aren’t we?  Sadly, my Social Security check has not increased this year, because the cost of living has not increased.  Is that really true?  I can only take the government’s word on this.  But, hey, it’s great that I am actually being “paid” to stay home. 

Needless to say, the money I earn from book sales is negligible.  Last month, my aunt bought copies of my second memoir to be sold at a music festival in California, so there was some activity, though nothing to brag about.  This year, I intend to enter my third memoir in two book fairs on the mainland.  This will be my only attempt at marketing it.  Hopefully, librarians will order the book by the hundreds.

My fifth book will be a picture book, full of photos taken from my blog.  There will be photos of my trips to Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong (?), Bali (?), the Big Island and Kauai as well as photos of the fireworks on New Year’s Eve and of food prepared at favorite restaurants and in my own kitchen.  I am not sure whether to self-publish this book or to submit it to local publishing companies like Bess Press and Mutual Publishing.  My target date is 2012.

4 Responses to “Spreading the wealth around”

  1. cloudia Says:

    Good Luck!!

  2. Musings Says:

    Yae, Gigi! Go for it! A haircut and pedicure sounds great. I need to give myself a haircut tomorrow. I’ve been meaning to for the longest time.

    I don’t even get Social Security. Lucky you! I never will. Art does though.

  3. Kay Dennison Says:

    My Social Security isn’t much either — full time moms don’t count. And I save money on manicures/pedicures by going to our local cosmetology school.

    I keep thinking about getting my book finished but there’s always something to distracting me.

    I applaud your discipline.

  4. Quilly Says:

    Submit first. If they saw no, you still have the self-publish option, but you can’t do it the other way around!

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