Lazy Wednesday

Here’s Cutey, napping in my sunny patio.  He was born in October 2006, around the time of the massive earthquake that struck Oahu.  I still remember how small and cute he was, lying so still on the blanket in the cat house outside our window.  Now, he is the mighty protector of his turf, warding off other stray cats.


And here’s beautiful Kitty, who came to us around 8 weeks old in August 2005, abandoned by his mother.  From the very beginning, he was so gentle and affectionate – almost like a female.  After he became an adult, he would lie on his side and let the stray kittens suck his nipples as pacifiers, because their mother refused to nurse them.  How weird!  But, it was Kitty who sank his fangs into my right hand, causing it to swell up in pain.  Doctors treated the bite with antibiotics.  Why did he bite me?  Because he didn’t want to go into the cage to be transported to the vet.

Two cats with two distinct, different personalities.  We love them both!


Our poinsettia is doing very well on our patio table.  It needs daily watering.  I don’t think we will be transplanting it in the yard, though.  Too much work, caring for it.


The palm trees are turning yellow.  What’s causing this?  Too much water?  Not enough water?  I think they are outgrowing their pots, but we don’t want to transplant them in the ground, as the roots will spread under the foundation of our house.  We will probably discard them and buy new palms later in the year.

7 Responses to “Lazy Wednesday”

  1. Hawaiianbod Says:

    although you cats haven’t been to a vet, Aunty Gigi, they look/seem very healthy and content.

    thanks for being a pet lover! there are just way too many homeless/stray animals without a foever home.

  2. Mr. Gigi Says:

    Both cats have been to the vet. We actually gave Kitty to the humane society for adoption. About a week later we changed our minds and got him back. In the meantime he had been neutered, gotten his shots and had a microchip implanted in his ear. All for only $12.50.

    We took Cutey to the vet about April of last year. We had him neutered, got his shots, and got flea medicine. No microchip. This cost about $360.00!! What a difference!!

    • gigihawaii Says:

      The humane society charged us just $12.50 because we were the previous owners. ($7.50 for boarding and $5 for the microchip.) Otherwise, it would have cost us $55 to “adopt” a cat.

  3. cloudia Says:

    Mistress of your domain!

  4. Musings Says:

    We sure do have a LOT of strays around. I’m glad your cats have a good home.

    By the way, tell David we’re going to IMAX on Friday to see Avatar. Gosh! It was really expensive to buy it on line.

  5. Reader Wil Says:

    When we had our cats I remember that they didn’t like to go to the vet either. At one time we had a neutered tomcat, a young mother with her four kittens, whom we gave away except one. So then we had three cats left.
    Thanks for your visit and kind comment!

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