Assembling a new book

I spent practically all day assembling my new picture book, “Restaurants and Recipes of Hawaii: A Pictorial Memoir.”  It was effortless, because I simply took the pictures from my gigi-hawaii blog and inserted them into my book manuscript. 

I have even designed the covers.  My front cover will have a pale blue background with a picture of David and me each holding a glass of champagne at a restaurant.  The back cover will have a picture of my home-cooked shrimp-broccoli, plus the author’s biography.  So the front will show us at a restaurant, and the back will show the finished product of a recipe.  Hence, the title of the book.

I have also contacted my book designer in Canada as well as a printing company regarding cost.  If it proves to be prohibitive, I might submit my manuscript to a local publisher, like Bess Press or Mutual Publishing.  If it’s accepted, I’ll agree to a 10% royalty of the retail price of the book for a likely run of 1,000 copies.  However, I actually prefer to self-publish, because I would have more control over the project.  But, what the heck!  Let’s see what happens.

Wow, I can’t believe it!  My new book is almost done.  I plan to dine and take pictures at two more restaurants (Cheesecake Factory and Camellia Yakiniku).  Then, I’ll size all of the photos and transfer them to a disk.

If all goes well, “Restaurants and Recipes of Hawaii: A Pictorial Memoir” will be published this year.  Wheee!

6 Responses to “Assembling a new book”

  1. Linda Says:

    Good for you. I can’t begin to imagine publishing a book.

  2. Kay Dennison Says:

    Excellent!!!!!! I am jealous of your discipline!!!!!!!

  3. Quilly Says:

    Oh, cool! Let me know as soon as it comes out. I WILL buy a copy!

  4. musings Says:

    Oh fun, Gigi!!! And you get to eat out even more often.

  5. LizKauai Says:

    Way to turn your fun times into something everyone can enjoy!

  6. Hawaiianbod Says:

    good luck on your new book, Aunty Gigi!

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