These postcards of Tivoli – Villa d’Este – were purchased in Italy in 1969.  The fountains are even more impressive when they are viewed in person.  It took me all day to see almost everything.

Of all the countries I have ever visited, Italy is my favorite.  There is art everywhere!  I LOVED Rome, the Vatican, Florence, and Venice.  I’ll never forget Italy.  My heart longs to return, but I don’t think I can tolerate the long, arduous trip to get there!  If we ever do decide to visit Italy, we will have to stay in New York for two days before continuing our journey.  That would be the ideal way to cope with jet lag.

Enjoy the postcards:

3 Responses to “Tivoli”

  1. Linda Hillin Says:


  2. Kay Dennison Says:

    One word: Breath-taking

    Four words: How I envy you!!!!

  3. musings Says:

    Everybody told us that Florence is so much better than Rome but Art, me and our kids really loved Rome. Art and I went to Florence later and still thought we preferred Rome. It is gorgeous and history is everywhere.

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