David and me, Christmas 1999.

My husband and I have a very loving relationship.  I might say that, yes, he loves me because he has bought me expensive jewelry, a spacious house, and a new car.  But, besides all of that, David has given me his time. 

Time with David is fun and romantic.  As we sit in front of the TV, he reaches for my hand, kisses it, and says, “Thank you for marrying me.”  He holds me firmly during ballroom dance class as he strives to learn the steps, apologizing when he steps on my toes.  Every morning before he leaves for work, he hugs and kisses me, saying, “You’re so soft and cuddly, not a bag of bones.”  Many times, he has said, “I devote my life to you.”  This is true.  He never lets work or other demands come between us.

Just for the fun of it, he’ll spout poetry to me:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I love you, Glenda,
I really do.

Yes, my love,
Yes, my dear,
Glenda, Glenda,
Kind, sweet and pure.

Twenty-nine years
Of joy and fun,
Glenda, Glenda,
Glenda’s the one.

Well, okay, he’s no Walt Whitman, but you get the picture.  When we argue, he says:

Be mellow,
Be cool,
Don’t be
A damn fool.

I love my wife,
I cause her no strife. 

At the barber shop one day, David saw a motto:  “Only Love lasts longer than Time.”

Those three words, “I love you,” spoken to your loved one with sincerity and tenderness, can make a world of wretched memories fade away.

(Excerpt from my second memoir, “Love, Life, and Publishing.”)

10 Responses to “Romance”

  1. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    You’re a very fortunate woman, Gigi, and I’m very happy for you! Hugs to you and to David!


  2. Linda Hillin Says:

    You can be grateful he is expressive and verbal about his love for you.

  3. musings Says:

    He is such a sweetie!

  4. Kay Dennison Says:

    You are so blessed!!!!! Does he have a single brother?

  5. Susan at Stony River Says:

    You are so, so, so lucky — both of you!

    Kay’s got a point…er, does he have TWO brothers?!

  6. gigihawaii Says:

    No single brothers! I am surprised y’all like his CORNY poems! LOL.

  7. quilly Says:

    Romance is nice. It helps a woman stay young.

  8. Denise Says:

    A very sweet post Gigi.

  9. cloudia Says:

    Yes, we are both blessed!

    Aloha, GiGi

    Comfort Spiral

  10. kavita Says:

    That’s very sweet… are lucky to have each other.

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