Chai’s Island Bistro – 2010 (now closed)

Tonight, David and I dined at Chai’s Island Bistro, which is located in Aloha Tower Market Place.  Chai’s recently won the Honolulu Magazine’s Award for Best Place to Take Visitors and its Award for Best Business Lunch.

We started with a glass of Chandon Champagne.  $11.  It was refreshingly cold and bubbly.

Next came rolls, flat bread, and peanut sauce.  Mmmm.  The peanut sauce was outrageously sweet and exotic.

Chef Chai’s Signature Combination Appetizer Platter (enough for 2 people).  $27.  Alaskan king crab cake, Fresh ahi katsu, and Kataifi-mac nut encrusted jumbo black tiger prawns.  Excellent with the sauces that were smeared on the platter.

David had the Grilled Fresh Mahimahi with Thai Red Curry Sauce.  $30.  With Asian stir-fried vegetables and Soba.  I had a delicious bite.  The mahi was piping hot from the grill, and the sauce was medium-spicy.

I ordered the Long Island Duck Bistro Style.  $34.  Seared duck breast and braised duck leg with five-spice port demiglace, stir-fried vegetables, and mashed potato.  Although the sauce was flavorful, the food was only lukewarm.  I would have preferred it piping hot.

For dessert, I had the White Chocolate Amore Truffle.  $8.50.  Heart-shaped white chocolate gelato filled with raspberry sorbetto, served with raspberry guava puree.  EXCELLENT!  It was not only beautifully presented, but it was a contrast in flavors.

David had the Fresh Baked Macadamia Nut Tart.  $8.00.  Ala mode with vanilla ice cream and berries.  The tart was almost too sweet, and David wished he had chosen my dessert, instead.

Chai supports local musicians.  Tonight, we listened to Sistah Robi (Kahakalau) and Friends, who performed contemporary Hawaiian music.  Very pleasant.

This restaurant gets an “A” for food, presentation, and ambience.  We gave the waitress a $25 discount coupon, which we had downloaded and printed from Chai’s website.  It is good on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday evenings for two meals minimum.  Great deal, folks!

11 Responses to “Chai’s Island Bistro – 2010 (now closed)”

  1. kavita Says:

    The place and the food looks extremely impressive….the plates really look great because of the excellent presentation,i picked few ideas from the pictures…specially the patterns made with chocolate sauce and cream.

  2. Hattie Says:

    I think I’d want a coupon too, at those prices! But of course that is very fancy food.
    Duck is tricky, I think. I like Peking duck, the crispy skin, even though it’s so fatty. Or maybe because it’s so fatty.
    What looked best to me was the appetizer platter. Next time I’m in Honolulu I’ll go to Chai’s and know what to order, thanks to you!

  3. Kay Dennison Says:

    Yum!!!!!! I envy you!!!!!! And here I am starving with an almost empty cupboard and nothing that compares with your meal! Sigh.

  4. Hawaiianbod Says:

    Aunty Gigi – wow, you sure had a great weekend!….. beginning with Mariposa, then the most devine dessert of chocolate covered strawberries, and to top it off – Chai’s.

    i was first hooked on Chai’s at the Taste of Honolulu. too bad Easter Seals no longer sponsors the annual event. it was a great chance for the public to sample a variety of restaurants that they would otherwise not have an opportunity.

    the appetizer platter did look delish!!

    whenever there are leftovers, do you folks ask for a doggie bag or just leave it behind?

  5. quilly Says:

    Now you’ve given me the tasties for something exotic, and I am having palin ol’ left over chili for supper!

  6. quilly Says:

    plain not palin. honest

  7. Jason Says:

    It’s Sistah Robi (Kahakalau)! Anyways, I’ve always wanted to go to Chai’s. This just makes me want to go even more!!!

  8. cloudia Says:

    look at my old neighbor sistah Robi!

  9. Brit' Gal Sarah Says:

    Oh my that looks like a banquet from heaven! You just can’t get Duck here, I have to roast it myself.

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