Mesquite Grills

You know me – I just love to cook supper the fast and easy way.  David bought this bag of FROZEN mesquite-grilled chicken breasts for $15 at Costco.


Since they are fully cooked, all I needed to do was heat the breasts for 20 minutes in a 375 degree oven.  Do remember to spray the pan with oil first.


And, voila!  Here’s our simple meal, whipped up in 20 minutes:  Piping hot, juicy chicken breast, sweet golden yams (canned), and green peas (frozen).  They say the more colorful the meal, the more nutritious it is.  Yum!

11 Responses to “Mesquite Grills”

  1. Kay Dennison Says:

    Looks great!!!!!! I cook for one and it can be a challenge.

  2. DrumMajor Says:

    Gigi — looks tasty! I use the bag of frozen grilled chicken strips. Already cooked, I thaw a handful at a time. They’re nice to throw into pasta or salads. At 17 degrees this morning, it’s a soup and noodle day!
    Cheers, DrumMajor

  3. Linda Hillin Says:

    When my Japanese daughter-in-law cooks her meals are a piece of art. They’re beautiful because of the beautiful colors and little touches she adds. Beautiful to the eye and tasty to the tummy.

  4. Reader Wil Says:

    I bet that you are a great cook and that your food is very wholesome.
    Thanks for your visit and kind comment.

  5. Nessa Says:

    Sounds very quick and easy. Looks yummy.

    Getting Reacquainted in 55

  6. Hattie Says:

    Our market provides cheap fruits and vegetables, so I cook almost everything fresh. I also try to buy organic. I can get organic grass-fed beef from the Big Island as well as Mainland chicken. I cook chicken breasts on my griddle. I slice them in half and they cook very fast. Yesterday we had a chicken caesar salad and friend rice for lunch.
    I do love those frozen peas. They are a great, and simple, addition to the family menu. Must get some for the grandkids, too, who are coming out here in a few days.
    You inspire me to write a posting on how I shop and cook.

  7. Hattie Says:

    That’s fried rice, friend. Oh, and I forgot to mention that my current inspiration is “The Minimalist,” who writes a food column for the New York Times.
    Oh, and where are your books on sale?

    • gigihawaii Says:

      Thanks for the tip!

      You can find my books 3 ways:

      1) Borders-Hilo. If they ran out of them, please let me know. The 1st 2 memoirs are shelved in non-fiction Hawaiiana, and the 3rd memoir is shelved in FICTION Hawaiiana. Don’t know why, as they are all biographies and therefore non-fiction.


      3) Me. Free shipping.

      Thanks for asking! If you want, you can email me at

  8. quilly Says:

    These are very good. I have used them in the past. They also make quick, tasty hot sandwiches. After you turn them over in the oven just top each one with a bit of swiss or mozzarella cheese. Yum!

  9. Hattie Says:

    Oh, good. I’ll go up to Borders today or tomorrow and check out the situation.

  10. musings Says:

    I LOVE quick meals. Everybody loved those salmon patties you told us about from Costco. I appreciate your checking everything out for us.

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