Dis n Dat – Jan. 30, 2010

Photos of trumpet fish and flowers by Ted Trimmer:


Cause for celebration:  Our electric bill was just $143 this month. Woo-hoo.  During the summer when four air conditioners were going full blast, our bill approached $400 per month.  So, January is an improvement.

Plans for the summer:  We will change the carpet in the master bedroom to match the drapes, and will replace the corroded glass shower door in the master bathroom.  And that will be it.  Our home will be perfect.  No more renovations!

Lisa’s options:  She wants to get her Master’s in Physical Therapy in Utah.  But, if there is a hitch, I think she should be a Massage Therapist.  My cousin is one, and she charges $80/hour.  Her practice is thriving in Mililani.  Maybe, Lisa can work at a spa in a hotel, or if she can finance it, she can enclose our garage and turn it into a studio. 

Trip to Hong Kong:  Possible but not probable this year.  We’ll see.

8 Responses to “Dis n Dat – Jan. 30, 2010”

  1. Mr. Gigi Says:

    I agree with you. The final two projects will make our home perfect. It has been a nineteen year project, but it has been well worth it!!

  2. Hawaiianbod Says:

    Home Sweet Home.

    Congratulations, Aunty Gigi!

  3. Susan at Stony River Says:

    Congratulations on the electric bill and the end of renovations! That deserves a celebration — ours seem never-ending!

  4. Kay Dennison Says:

    Fabulous!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!! My place is always a work in progress!!!!!!

  5. Hattie Says:

    Flowers. I just picked some like that. They are so fragrant!
    We pay a heck of a lot for electricity here, even more than you do on Oahu. So we put in solar hot water and photovoltaics. It will take us about seven years at current rates to break even on the photovoltaics. The hot water paid for itself in three years. Of course you need a roof that doesn’t get shaded for this, so that makes it hard in urban conditions, I know. And the initial cost is high. We’re glad we did it, though. There is nothing like getting a bill for $0.00 and going, “Take that, Helco.”

  6. Hattie Says:

    Gigi: Our first solar hot water system, that we put in in the late 90’s, was not nearly as good as the replacement system we got several years ago. I think they have improved the technology quite a bit.

  7. musings Says:

    Must be nice… we’ve got another 4 years of work to do on our house before it can be near completion. It’s Art’s retirement project for sure. Your house is great already!

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