Fun with Scrabble

If you haven’t already, do pay Diane Ako’s blog, “Small Talk,” a visit (  It’s on the Honolulu Advertiser site, and it is simply wonderful.  Diane was a morning and evening news anchor over at KHNL, channel 8.  Now that she’s been laid off, she is trying to “reinvent” herself.  Good luck to her!

One of her recent posts had to do with a board game, called Scrabble.  She discussed how she got her Danish husband, Claus, to play his first Scrabble game.  It was slow-going as she explained the rules to him.  Then, out of the blue, he laid down his tiles next to SCAN and spelled SCANOFBUN.  Nope, Diane said, that’s not allowed.  What does it mean, anyway?  Turns out, it meant someone sits on a copying machine and prints a picture of his or her butt.  Er, not allowed!

That description of their first Scrabble game together was amusing.  It got me reminiscing about the times David and I used to play it when we were engaged for a year.  It kept us out of trouble, if you know what I mean.  After we got married, we played sporadically.  He complained I was too slow.  I told him HE was the slow one.  Hey, great minds think alike!

Nowadays, the Scrabble board sits on our bookshelf, untouched.  David prefers to watch television, and I am always busy at the computer.  But, I am considering possibly attacking that board again.  Maybe, we should have a Scrabble party for 8 people, with a board on each of 2 small tables.  Then after each game, we could mix the contestants.  There would be a prize for the top scorer.  What do you think?  Sound like fun?

13 Responses to “Fun with Scrabble”

  1. Mr. Gigi Says:

    Yes, it sounds like a great idea!! Leave it to Gigi, she knows how to have fun!!

  2. quilly Says:

    It does sound like fun. I want to play!

  3. Susan at Stony River Says:

    My husband and I used to play every night — he’s the slow one LOL. I was always trying to surpass my own highest score, and his goal was to cheat and get something past me. So sometimes we both ‘won’ or both ‘lost’ LOL We don’t play anymore, mainly because the fibromyalgia leaves me too tired to sit up so late and we’ve got too much else to do with getting the house ready to sell. But it is such a great game.

    Good luck to Diane!

  4. kavita Says:

    Never tried it playing with my husband…a great idea indeed.A scrabble party is a cool idea….for us who are faraway can enjoy your post on the party?

    Gigi i was not keeping very well so was out of circulation for some time,looking forward to catch up soon.

  5. Hattie Says:

    I’ve known a lot of Scrabble sharks. There was also a game called “My Word” which I liked better than Scrabble but could never win against a very bright cousin of my husband.

  6. De Says:

    My family plays scrabble with a cousin on the mainland via ITouch. You can play scrabble on-line and either play someone or the computer. Great game for kids and adults.

  7. cloudia Says:

    But I’m too good to play with civilians – but not good enough to play with real scrabble-heads. alas! I could serve the drinks though…

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  8. Nessa Says:

    We do a family game night. Takes effort to get it going but it’s worth it.

    Baby’s First Christmas

  9. Thom Says:

    I think the advent of the computer age got us out of playing board games a great deal. Sad but true. I loved Scrabble but very rarely play it 🙂

  10. Kay Dennison Says:

    I love to play Scrabble and wish there was someone I could play with.
    I have a nasty tendency to win.

  11. LizKauai Says:

    Scrabble is our family game.
    Nowadays I play Scabble with friends and strangers on the Facebook /iPhone app. and Words with Friends (like scrabble) on iPhone with my sister and hubby in Florida and her sons on the mainland as well as strangers.

    I have 20 games going at once and play “speed” style. FUN!

  12. Joey Says:

    Be careful- I started playing Scrabble with my parents and ended up doing a blog. Aloha

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