A foodie’s challenge

There is a very good write-up in today’s Star-Bulletin of Cheryl Tan and her book and blog, both of which are titled, “A Tiger in the Kitchen.”  (http://www.starbulletin.com/features/20100203_Tiger_chow.html)

A former fashion writer in New York, she was able to find an agent who got her 6-7 interested publishers.  Hyperion will publish her book in 2011.  Her blog contains material that won’t be included in her book.  Google “Tiger in the Kitchen” and have a look at her blog.  It’s outstanding.

Essentially, both book and blog are food memoirs.  While the blog chronicles her visits to restaurants abroad, her book will discuss family history as it relates to the matriarchs among her relatives and their special recipes.  For example, one matriarch wooed her prospective husband by feeding him her gourmet dishes.  Yes, the way to a man’s heart is indeed through his stomach!

When you read her blog, you will note that Tan is very chatty.  There are a lot of words that accompany each photo of the food she consumes.  I don’t think that’s necessarily a good thing, but, hey, her writing apparently appealed to those publishers who vied for her book.

All of which puts my book to shame.  Sigh!  Remember the title of my proposed book?  It’s called “Favorite Restaurants in Honolulu, Hawaii:  A Memoir.”  I thought it was almost finished, but now, I do believe it needs to be wordier to attract publishers.  Writing first, pictures second?  I mustn’t give up hope!

6 Responses to “A foodie’s challenge”

  1. Jason Says:

    I think with so many review Web sites out there now, something different that can help make you stand out is the back story behind that restaurant/recipe. Maybe it’s why you went there, or interesting history about the place that you went. Or for a recipe, maybe it was a family secret, or something created after multiple failures.

  2. quilly Says:

    What Jason just said — you need to offer something unique that only you can,

  3. kavita Says:

    Yes you must not give up hope….if you think the book needs some improvement or some more text…why not?Once again i wish you all the best and would continue to pray for you.

  4. Linda Hillin Says:

    Unique seems to be the key today, finding your niche.

    Give us a report on your husband’s new car and the recall. There’s certainly a lot of news coverage on the subject.

  5. Nessa Says:

    Everyone is right. Find your own unique voice and keep trying.

    13 Characters from Rose and Prince Brendan

  6. Susan at Stony River Says:

    Onward and upward!

    So many times I’ve started a novel or story and then read something that blew me away. Went back to the work-in-progress thinking, ‘ah crap’. LOL

    Good luck and have fun doing it; that always shines through.

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