Toyota and a mystery solved

David has not yet received a formal letter from Toyota, stating that he is to bring his 2010 Camry in for repair.  However, he intends to have the accelerator pedal and floor mat fixed or replaced when he takes his car in for servicing in March.  Since he anticipates a crowd of customers doing the same thing, he will make his appointment a month in advance.  Hopefully, the parts will be available in March.

Now, there is talk about the brakes failing in Prius hybrids.  Does anyone know if the Prius is made solely in Japan?  There was some discussion about manufacturing them in North America to keep up with demand, but I don’t know if that ever came to fruition.  If the Prius is made only in Japan, then the rap for poor workmanship cannot be attributed to American manufacturers.  The fault has to lie with the designers at Toyota in Japan. 

MYSTERY SOLVED:  No, it isn’t the birds chirping.  Nor is it a bed squeaking in the throes of lovemaking.  Nor is it a treadmill or other exercise equipment.  I finally located the source of the annoying, irritating squeaks:  The electric clothes dryer!  Yes!  I walked out of my house into the back yard and heard the neighbors’ dryer noisily rotating and squeaking.  So there!  Case closed!  LOL.

8 Responses to “Toyota and a mystery solved”

  1. Linda Hillin Says:

    Wonderful the mystery is solved. I went to visit my parents one time and they were complaining bitterly about a cricket they had been unable to kill, even with a whole can of bug spray. I went in the bedroom and stood near the heavy piece of furniture to think how we could move it and get that cricket. About that time I heard the chirp, the smoke alarm needed a new battery.

    I don’t know the answer to your Toyota question. I’m glad your husband is getting his fixed. I haven’t listened to much of the news about it but have wondered if American Automakers could be stirring up this ruckus.

  2. Nessa Says:

    I don’t know anything about the Toyota stuff but I’m glad you’ve solved your squeaking mystery. Now you can go over in the middle of the night with an oil can.

    13 Characters from Rose and Prince Brendan

  3. Mr. Gigi Says:

    Yes, Lisa is the one that said it is the dryer. She said it sounded just like our dryer before we changed the pulley.

    As for my car, I will be taking it in as soon as it hits 5,000 miles. I hope to have everything fixed at that time. I cannot complain though as I have had absolutely no problem with it!!

  4. wafan Says:

    Before you blame Toyota perhaps you should know the defective part was made in CHINA. The part made in Canada works fine. So, the design was fine. It was the result of poor quality control in China.

    Another example of the WalMart-ization (yes, I made it up) of consumer items. Cheaply made. Inexpensive.

  5. Mr. Gigi Says:

    I never heard of that. I also heard that not all Camrys have the defective part. I hope that mine is one that does not need replacement.

  6. quilly Says:

    I am glad David is being proactive with the car, even if it hasn’t given him problems yet. Preventing problems is usually much more comfortable and cost-effective than dealing with their after-effects.

    And, I think a late night visit to the neighbors with a can of WD-40 just might be in order!

  7. DrumMajor Says:

    Yo Gigi — Maybe the neighbors need a gift coupon for an appliance repairman. My old dryer was making a noise, not a squeek, and it needed a new belt that goes around the entire turning drum. It was weird how the repair guy lifted the side walls away from the dyer parts.
    Surprisingly, the KC Toyota dealers aren’t reporting a rush of customers, but are planning to open early and stay late as the crowds begin.
    Cheers, DrumMajor

  8. Melissa Edwards Says:

    I’m far more concerned about my little sister driving with her husband and kids in their Prius, than I am with driving my Camry. After all my Camry can at least be stopped! No brakes could certainly lead to severe injury.

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