Music on Valentine’s Day

This is an old picture of me, taken when I was 27 years old and living in New York City.  Alas, although I had a little talent, it wasn’t enough to make music my career. 

My sister, who is a realtor, told me that Honolulu Symphony musicians come from wealthy families.  That was the only way they could pursue their studies in the first place.  So, despite the fact that the symphony has declared bankruptcy and has ended its season prematurely, these musicians are definitely not starving.

Is this true of ALL professional classical musicians?  There’s no way for me to verify her statements.  However, the symphony musician I dated back in 1975 managed to purchase a co-op apartment in Makiki as well as a 27 foot sailboat, moored in Keehi Lagoon.  Not bad for a “struggling” musician!  Last I heard, he was married and studying music in Europe, of all places. 

Next Sunday, Valentine’s Day, David and I will attend an opera, Die Walkure, which was composed by Richard Wagner.  This will be the first time we will view this opera, and we are looking forward to it.  We prefer to attend the Sunday matinee, because the dress is informal and we can wear aloha attire – David in an aloha shirt and I in a muumuu.  We always felt out of place on Friday’s gala night, when the attire is more formal and elegant.

We are postponing our special Valentine’s lunch at Assaggio’s until the following Sunday.  Neither of us wants to sit through a long opera, feeling bloated from a heavy meal.

Hmmm.  How will YOU celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Have YOU ever studied music?

14 Responses to “Music on Valentine’s Day”

  1. Mr. Gigi Says:

    I am really looking forward to an exciting Valentine’s day with you my love. Opera, then an exciting and romantic meal the next week!! Life is certainly beautiful with Glenda.

  2. Linda Hillin Says:

    I studied piano for a few years, and I was horrible. We have nothing special planned for valentine’s day.

  3. quilly Says:

    I played violin in grade school and we’ve made no Valentine’s Day plans, but last Valentine’s Amoeba gave me three surprises, so he’s covered for awhile.

  4. LizKauai Says:

    I love the music from Die Walkure!
    Several of my favorite movies use these themes for dramatic effect.

    Happy Valentines!

  5. Thom Says:

    Because of the Lawrence Welk show I played the accordion. Now I don’t think I could even read a note LOL. Have a great time at the Opera.

  6. kavita Says:


  7. Bill Says:

    Hi Gigi,

    Hope you have a great Valentine Day and enjoy Die Walkure. I am sorry to say that your sister is wrong about the musicians of the Honolulu Symphony being rich. Most are not well off and many live (or try to live) on the small pay that the symphony pays.

  8. Nessa Says:

    I can play the violin, guitar and piano – none very well. I’ve known some classical musicians and they were far from wealthy. Your idea of going to the opera for VD is a good one. We never go out to eat on holidays. Too many people so the food and service usually suffer.

    Love your picture.


  9. Kay Dennison Says:

    I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day except to send cards to my grands.

  10. M Says:

    We will be spending the whole weekend from Friday to Monday at our friends beach house on the north shore. It will be a Valentine’s weekend….

  11. Jonathan Says:


    I hope you enjoy our Die Walkure performance, one of the most challenging opera scores in the repertoire. Despite your sister’s impression, musicians come from all sorts of socio-economic backgrounds. My father was a teacher and Episcopal minister and my mother worked in order to help afford college for three kids. I paid for my graduate degree through scholarships and students loans (finally paid off at age 46!).

    But the issue at hand is not whether any musicians have sailboats (none to my knowledge), it is whether Hawaii values having a professional orchestra that is capable of performing something like Die Walkure. When you and David are at the opera drop by the pit and lean over the rail to catch a glimpse of the violin music and ask yourself how many hours of individual practice it would take to prepare. While you’re there introduce yourself and get to know some of the wonderful people who have devoted their lives to that kind of preparation in order to perform for your enjoyment.

    Have a happy Valentine’s Day!


  12. A.R.K. Says:

    Aloha Gigi:
    Happy Valentines Greetings to you.
    FYi-I met my Valentine on June 12,1947 at Kuhio Beach,Honolulu,HI.
    She was 13 and I was 15.
    On January 17,2010 we celebrated our 57th Wedding Anniversary.
    This June 12,2010(Sat)we plan a celebration for our 63rd year as” SWEETHEARTS ”
    Aloha-God Bless

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