Healing a marriage

Friday’s sunrise:  Photo by Ted Trimmer.

Did you catch Tiger Woods’ 14-minute speech this morning?  No surprise, he acknowledged his multiple affairs.  His wife didn’t attend, but I wouldn’t have attended, either.  Too embarrassing!  His mother was there to hug him afterward.

My general impression?  I thought it went well, and I felt hopeful that therapy will cure him of his sex addiction.  He seemed sincere.  Above all, he said, leave his wife and kids alone.  He doesn’t want paparazzi following his 2-year-old daughter to preschool.  Think they’ll obey him?  Doubt it. 

I personally know men who can’t keep their pants zipped.  Their wives are fools to tolerate it.  Who needs that kind of stress, never knowing if your husband is going to transmit a disease to you? 

But, according to my dear aunt/godmother, who has since passed away, “MOST men are NOT that way.”  I like to think she was right.  I know that David isn’t; he believes in monogamy and is very critical of men like Bill Clinton who aren’t true to their wives. 

Enough said on the matter.  God help Tiger Woods get his life together and heal his marriage!

11 Responses to “Healing a marriage”

  1. Linda Says:

    The ball is in Tiger’s court. We can hope for his success and believe in his sincerity, but it all rests within Tiger. My saying is “Forgiveness granted when behavior changes.” Time will tell.

  2. Mr. Gigi Says:

    I agree. Tiger seems very determined to change his ways and only time will tell if he is successful.

    As for me, I am 100% committed to remaining faithful to my wife and I have done so during our nearly 30 years of marriage.

    When you make your marriage vows, you must keep them. After all, they are vows!!

  3. Dobbs Ferry Dude Says:

    The trouble is one can forgive but can one forget? This case is so far out of the ordinary that the wife will probably have to divorce. Otherwise, she’ll be living with a husband who gives her the creeps.

  4. Thom Says:

    I thought it was a total crock if you ask me. All staged and rehearsed. He is to combative with the media and I didn’t think it was genuine at all. He’s a public figure. He’s open game and so is his family. Granted the media should respect his wishes but he was just to antagonistic if you ask me. And his wife should have been there. I hope they can get through all of this of course and he better start thinking with the right head if you ask me. Maybe he learned his lesson.

  5. kavita Says:

    I sincerely wish that it works out for Woods…..if he is trying he does deserve a chance.And i also believe that the media must leave at least the kid alone.

  6. LizKauai Says:

    Truthfulness is the foundation of all human virtues.

    It is never too late to see the light and make changes but the consequences of our actions still remain.

    I’m for helping build a society that values virtues and trains its children to observe them and find them praiseworthy.

  7. quilly Says:

    Is he sorry for his sins, or sorry for getting caught? Only time will tell. My heart goes out to the children. The media should leave them alone out of simple decency, but decency and media are oxymorons, aren’t they?

  8. RONW Says:

    Tiger’s is a bimbo. Rehab, only a temporary fix. Still, he’s entitled to his privacy as it’s personal business. I say that because Tiger has always been a private person and for the most part has never been flaunting around his fame.

  9. Linda Reeder Says:

    Tiger just needs to disappear again for a while – more therapy, whatever – just not more publicity. It’s a mess of his making that most of us don’t need to even pay attention to.

  10. Nessa Says:

    It’s a shame they can’t deal with their problems in private.

    Mad Hatter

  11. musings Says:

    I think it was a well choreographed show as well. I’m sad for his family.

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