Letting work consume you…

Photos by Ted Trimmer:






Waikiki Yacht Club.

It was the usual drama today.  David felt sick and hated the thought of reporting to work.  He stayed in bed and, finally, got to the office around 10 a.m., three hours late. 

I guess his boss saw his memo regarding verbal abuse.  He blamed David for giving him chest and stomach pain.  Further, he tried to make David feel defensive by saying he was so angry by such and such happening that he could not remember what he said to David.

“M will never admit he is wrong, and he will never apologize,” David told me.

Anyway, M has hired a girl to help David with the filing and so forth.  What David really needs is a real accountant, not an accounting clerk, someone to actually do the accounting while David is on vacation or on sick leave.  But, M does not want to spend the money. 

This evening, David came home and said he had changed his mind about taking his birthday holiday and would just accept cash for working on that day. 

“Are you crazy?” I said.  “You need to rest.  Stop working yourself into an early grave!”

“But, I am so far behind.”

“Never mind.  Think of your health and take the day off.”

I hope he does.  I don’t think it is healthy to allow work to consume you.

8 Responses to “Letting work consume you…”

  1. Thom Says:

    Beautiful photos and I so agree with you. Leave work at work

  2. Kay Dennison Says:

    I love that glorious hibiscus. Poor David!!!!! I know what it’s like to have a horrid boss and it really can make one ill! My heart goes out to both of you!!!!

  3. Eternally Distracted Says:

    I think work should always come second to ‘real’ life… It is just not worth it. All work and no play is no fun at all.

  4. kavita Says:

    These pictures are awesome.I too hope that he takes a break and pay some attention to his health.As for the boss…i pray to god to grant him some compassion ,he surely lacks that.

  5. Linda Hillin Says:

    Hope David can find a solution to his miserable work situation.

  6. Susan at Stony River Says:

    I agree with you. I had an acquaintance once, who worked six days a week and took migraine pills most days — she looked down on me because I was staying home with my kids and supper was usually scrambled eggs because I couldn’t afford much more. I didn’t make much money from home, but I left a good career to do it, because my time at home was suddenly more important.

    She thought I was an idiot, and I thought she was crazy. LOL

    Money’s nice to have, but so is happiness and peaceful days and a good night’s sleep. I wish David good luck and a good choice! It’s awful when the stress at work is so bad it follows you home.

  7. Hattie Says:

    My heart goes out to both of you.

  8. quilly Says:

    Amoeba worked like that in Hawaii. He was always hustling and it seemed he was deliberately kept one step behind. Here he is much more relaxed — in fact he has joined the cast of My Fair Lady and will soon be singing and dancing on stage!

    David needs to kick back and enjoy some of the sweeter things in life too, otherwise what is the point in working?

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