It’s the bubbles!

Beck’s Beer = 143 calories
Michelob’s Ultra Beer = 95 calories

My sister brought a case of Michelob’s Ultra Beer to my party last Sunday, and left it for David and me to enjoy afterward.  She says Ultra is less fattening than Beck’s.  After sipping a bottle of Ultra, I thought it lacked the full body of Beck’s, but it tasted LESS bitter.  It had the same result:  The alcohol made me sleepy. 

David won’t touch the stuff.  He says Ultra is for sissies and since he is a real man, he will stick with Beck’s.

Okay, I’ll go with that.  I am not much of a connoisseur of beers.  But, as long as it’s cold, refreshing and bubbly, I’ll more than likely enjoy it, no matter what brand it is.  I feel the same way about champagne.  Korbel or Chandon, it’s all the same.

David says I am a cheap date, easy to please! 

As for non-alcoholic drinks, I enjoy sparkling cider and diet sodas.  Again, bubbles!  What is it about bubbles that makes a beverage so enjoyable to drink?  Do you feel the same way?

13 Responses to “It’s the bubbles!”

  1. Thom Says:

    I only drink Bud when I drink beer. 🙂 I can’t stand lite beer!!!

    • tokyo5 Says:

      I don’t like low-calorie beer either.

      But Budweiser…I wouldn’t turn it down if someone offered to me, but it’s certainly not the best beer, in my opinion.

      Kirin, Asahi, Orion, Sapporo, Heineken, Corona are all better.

      And, regarding bubbles…
      Yes, beer should be icy cold and carbonated. If it becomes warm and flat, it’s a sin. 😉

  2. C0hiba Says:

    Aloha Gigi,
    I’m finally able to post on your blog.
    Had a rough David type day. Pressures from corporate.
    Had a couple of beers with the boss and our head guy in Hawaii. Like David, the light beers didn’t do it for me after a day like today.
    So, I have my dvd of the Eagle, Farewell Tour blasting on the surround system with a glass of Johnny Walker to ease the pain.
    Been drinking Heineken Light lately. If I don’t have to drive, I like the regualr Heineken, Becks, and Saint Pauli Girl.
    I also like Boddington’s on tap. So far only found it at Yard House (Hnl and Las Vegas). Also like Guiness and Murphy’s.

  3. Denise Says:

    I have the occasional beer when it’s hot weather but usually it’s a Newcastle Ale. I like bubbles too and drink a lot of sparkling mineral water. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know I had a spelling mistake. When I looked at it I was surprised that one got away from me, so I changed it straight away.

  4. quilly Says:

    Corona with lime. Every time! No lite beer for me. Might as well take a regular beer and dilute it with sparkling water.

    As to bubbles — I like them. I don’t know why, I just do — even in my water.

  5. LizKauai Says:

    Water is now my favorite beverage, followed by simple iced tea, green or black. Bubbles add to tooth decay and sugar, well… I slowed down on that a few years ago. No soda for me… or alcohol. I do like a NA beer once in a while for taste, though. Especially at Tsai-ko Gates during football season!

  6. gigihawaii Says:

    Denise, SPARKLING MINERAL WATER? I’ll have David buy some for me the next time he is at Costco.

    Liz, diet sodas don’t contain sugar and they have zero calories.

    • LizKauai Says:

      gigi- I am not interested in “con gas” drinks like I used to be. Even my usual Pellegrino and lime is not tempting. If I am at a cocktail party or something, I will have a Perrier and lime or something but I don’t stock it at home to drink for pleasure.
      Diet soda never appealed to me either. As much as I loved the flavor of rootbeer as a child, I have become content with water, coffee and tea in my “old age”… hahaha!

  7. Linda Hillin Says:

    I’ve never found any alcoholic drink that suited my taste buds. I was at one time addicted to cokes. I don’t drink them anymore but I’m sure it was the fizz, the bubbles, and the bite that was attractive to me.

  8. Susan at Stony River Says:

    I love bubbles too, especially if I’m thirsty. Bottled water here is mostly sparkling.

    Over here cider is alcoholic but not too strong; it’s one of my favourite drinks.

  9. paukaapress Says:

    We just bought a case of Beck’s at Cost-U-Less in Hilo. I hardly ever drink beer any more, but Terry likes to drink a beer after he does yard work. A shower and a nice beer on the deck overlooking the Bay is mighty fine, he says.
    I don’t drink soft drinks or carbonated drinks. My tipple is wine, and not much of that. I can’t deal with alcohol very well any more.

  10. Kay Dennison Says:

    Forget lite beer!!!! I get a headache from it. I do like Beck’s but my fav is Labatt’s Blue — a Canadian beer that has 153 calories. I normally only drink one a week if at all so I don’t care.

  11. Nessa Says:

    I like bubbles too and will drink selzer over water just because of the bubbles.

    i don’t usually drink beer but I like a Yuenling lager on a hot summer day.

    T13 – Kindle Krazy

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