Mom’s 95th birthday celebration

David and I hosted a 9-course seafood dinner party in honor of my mother’s 95th birthday Sunday night at Hee-Hing Chinese Restaurant in Honolulu. There were 19 of us, consisting of the sisters and their families, seated at two tables.

This is my mother, the guest of honor.

This is my table: Clockwise, starting with Mom at the bottom, Bert, Lisa, Grant holding sleeping Julia, Maria holding sleeping Rylan, and David. I am missing from the picture, because I am the photographer.

Second table: Clockwise, starting with Nedra at the bottom, Pat, Sylvia, Pete, Travis, Shanna, Asia, and Paul. Missing are Charles and Toni, who came later.

Toni and Charles.

Mom’s chocolate birthday cake, provided by Maria.

Mom blows out the candles.

Maria’s family: Grant holding Rylan, and Maria holding Julia.

Delicious cuisine, beautiful cake, and wonderful company! It’s always nice to gather together as a family. I am just so glad Mom was healthy enough to attend her 95th birthday celebration!

7 Responses to “Mom’s 95th birthday celebration”

  1. DJan Says:

    She is just beautiful! You are so blessed to have your mother in such good health. And thank you for inviting me along on this wonderful occasion!

  2. Linda Reeder Says:

    What a wonderful celebration. Your mother is so beautiful! Congratulations to her.

  3. Hattie Says:

    She is remarkably pretty for a person of any age. Glad she had such a nice birthday and you all had a good time.

  4. Hankl :-) Chapin Says:

    The close-up picture of your mother is a permanent classic!

  5. musings Says:

    Your mom really looks fabulous, Gigi! Since she looked like you when she was young, you are fortunate that you might look like her when you’re older. Good genes! You guys really threw a fabulous party with a gorgeous cake.

  6. kavita Says:

    Belated Birthday Wishes to your mom ! She looks beautiful ,i wish her good health and happiness . You always host great parties Gigi !

  7. sagemom Says:

    Wow…Happy Birthday to your mom…she looks so happy and healthy! What’s her secret? LOL!

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