Kia vs. Toyota

More photos of the auto show in Honolulu:

These are cars seen at the Kia station:

Don’t know if this is a Kia car, but it looked intriguing.

Odd-looking car: The Soul.

Even with the seat pulled all the way back, David could not fit his legs under the steering wheel.

This model had a sun roof; see David’s hand sticking through. He said there was no head room.

This is the Toyota station:

Beautiful blue car! The Yaris.

This is a Prius, which is a hybrid. LizKauai commented that her 6’4” son-in-law fits very easily in his Prius with plenty of head room.

The solar roof in the Prius.

This is a Camry. David owns a 2010 model and fits into it with absolutely no problem.

So, which is the better car? Obviously, the Toyota is better than the Kia!

6 Responses to “Kia vs. Toyota”

  1. Hankl :-) Chapin Says:

    Head room is very important, a must. It’s important not to feel claustrophobic in a car. I once had a car with a sun roof, a ’93 BMW, and I grew surprisingly fond of that sun roof, considering I didn’t actually order it in the first place. However, I felt Hawaii was too hot for a sun roof, so I turned it into a “moon roof.” It was very pleasant to open up the car’s roof after the sun had gone down.

  2. musings Says:

    I don’t know which car is better, but I do love our Prius! (especially with the rising gas prices these days)

  3. LizKauai Says:

    gigi- Did they show the smaller Prius model that is supposed to come out later this year?

  4. kavita Says:

    Lot of fun ,yeah !

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