How to be happy

Eye candy: Delicious green Camaro.

Want to know how to be happy? The secret is to love someone or something or some activity with all your heart. This means not looking inward so much, but directing your thoughts and affection outwards. I find that when I am too introspective, I become depressed, moody, and full of self-pity.

Yes, we all know what a rotten person I was in the past. But, not now! Now, I have little Rylan to adore. My love for my year-old grandson knows no boundaries. He is the light of my life! It is so much fun to read to him and watch him “talk” excitedly about each picture in the book. He gets so exuberant! And when it is time for him to leave with his mommy, he runs to me and gives me a great big hug! Until next time, grandma!

Another thing that makes me happy is blogging. I have made so many dear friends this way, friends I have met in person and broken bread with. Life is not interesting without friends to laugh and commiserate with. You bloggers know who I mean: Hank, Hattie, Kay (Musings), LizKauai, Cloudia, Burl, Ian, Elsha, Quilly, some Warrior Beat bloggers, and another one I shall meet in September – Drum Major from Kansas!

Finally, I love my spacious and comfortable house. It’s so much better than the tiny condo David and I lived in during the 1980s. And, guess what, my neighbors donated their constantly-barking dog for one that NEVER barks! Alleluia!

Somewhere in all of this, I guess I should mention love for God. But, if there is a God, why did he permit the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan? I don’t think anyone has a satisfactory answer to that one.

24 Responses to “How to be happy”

  1. Manzanita Says:

    you write such a nice post and I’m sorry I haven’t been getting around and reading posts more. I always feel good after I’ve visited you. I’m sincerely happy that your life is going so well and there is a calm within your family unit.

  2. Hattie Says:

    Blogging has certainly enriched my life. Our visit to Honolulu, meeting you and David in person and seeing Hank as well, going to the opera…what fun.
    You are right that we should never forget how lucky and privileged we are.

  3. DJan Says:

    Blogging has also enriched my life beyond anything I ever expected from it. I also know that when I started skydiving and it took over my life, I have never been happier than I was in those years, all through the 1900s and most of the 2000s. But then it grew familiar and l retired, life changed, and now I find myself looking for a new passion.

    I am so happy about your darling grandson, your home, your blogging activities. I am blessed by your blessings, Gigi!

  4. musings Says:

    We certainly enjoyed meeting you and David, Gigi. It was equally fun to bump into David at Macy’s. If it weren’t for you, we would have passed him by as just another shopper. Making connections is a wonderful thing.

    I don’t think God allows or prevents these things from happening. Otherwise, why would we have had all the atrocities in the past and present? How can you explain the Holocaust?

    I do think it does take effort to be happy. I have to work to snap myself out of the occasional doldrums.

    Rotten person? What the heck are you talking about?

    • gigihawaii Says:

      haha! If you only knew! Yes, I was a rotten person who lived a terrible life, but that’s all in the past, thank goodness!

      No, I can’t explain the Holocaust, only because it was so horrific it defies explanation. Such incredible evil!

      Looking forward to seeing you and Art again in the near future, Kay. It will be great to get together with our mutual blogger-friends from out of state.

  5. Hank Chapin Says:

    To quote a play I saw once: “I always wanted to be a regular.” I am honored to be included in your list of what I would call “regulars.” I mainly respond to your blog thoughts because you come up with an idea that I can respond to. That’s what I consider letting Gigi do the heavy lifting, as I am only doing Facebook currently. I have an observation about grandmothers: all of my brothers and sisters agree that our grandmothers were BASICALLY PERFECT. There’s something about being a grandmother that is highly favorable…! You’re sitting pretty now and have the wisdom to enjoy it.

    • gigihawaii Says:

      I wish I had offered to babysit my granddaughter, because she is a stranger to me, as I rarely see her. Too bad.

      • Hattie Says:

        Yes, I hear you on that. However, it really isn’t anything for you to feel bad about. We all have these desires for the ideal life, but it never is that way.

  6. Hank Chapin Says:

    Once again, I see that I suffer from hitting-two-keys-with-one finger disease, amnd (;-)) I have let a typo slip through.

  7. Mage Bailey Says:

    Tho I am a new reader of your delightful blog, and a new reader that doesn’t always leave notes, I know you were never less than stellar. So there. 🙂

    Yes, G and I love auto shows….of all sorts. That’s the car that G most wants.

  8. Linda Reeder Says:

    You have sunshine in your heart today! Yes, if we think about all we have been blessed with, happiness is a result. And sunshine in my garden today really helped me!

  9. kavita Says:

    Family and friends are fun .I can understand how happy little Rylan makes you with his giggles and hugs .He sure is a lucky kid to have a grand mother like you.
    Blogging has given me so much ,i feel that you all are a part of my family even if we have never met before.

  10. Manzanita Says:

    I just realized I missed the post on your Mother’s 95th birthday. That looked like a great family gathering and your Mother is so sweet. WOW….. she looks beautiful. What a wonderful time. Sorry I missed it, but I got caught up.
    Love, Manzanita

  11. Mage Bailey Says:

    RYNote: I don’t swim, I have a water aerobics class. If I don’t keep moving and stretching, not only will I get fatter, I won’t be able to walk any more. I do all my exercises in the water from my PT guy, then I move to the hot tub and do more. Because of this, I am in a vastly better place than I was a year ago. 🙂

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