Christmas 2011

Well, the last guest left at 4:15 this afternoon, and only now have we figured out how to import and save photos from my camera to our new laptop computer. David kept complaining about the difficulty of doing so. I hope he remembers how to do it the next time. Too bad I wasn’t watching him.

There were some no-shows, so we ended up with 18 of us enjoying the feast and grab bag game. Asia won the surprise $50 bill that was tucked into one of the grab bags. That was so much fun!

As for the food, it was eclectic: lots of different kinds of salads, shrimp, salmon, chicken, beef, tofu, noodles and other starches, and crispy gau gee–not to mention desserts. Something to please the vegans and carnivores among us.

Here are some family photos (I thanked people for respecting my wish not to be photographed due to my Bell’s Palsy):

Pete (my brother-in-law who is a stockbroker) and David discuss the value of gold.

My children and grandkids open presents.

Calvin (Pat’s friend from church), Pat (my sister-in-law), Toni (Charles’ girlfriend), and Charles (Pat’s son).

My niece, Asia, and her boyfriend, Paul.

My mother, my nephew, Travis, and his girlfriend, Shanna.

Rylan holds his favorite gift, a YoGabbaGabba book, from Lisa.

Julia plays catch with Rylan’s glove, another gift from Lisa. She seems to buy the BEST presents for kids!

My daughters, Maria and Lisa.

Maria’s family.

My family: David, Grant, Julia, Rylan, Maria, and Lisa.

Pete reads Rylan’s YoGabbaGabba book to Rylan and Julia.

Whew! I am pooped. It’s been a long day, folks. Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas! Aloha from Hawaii!

7 Responses to “Christmas 2011”

  1. kavita Says:

    Glad to see your beautiful Christmas celebration pictures .You have a beautiful family Gigi .

  2. cloudia Says:

    Best Wishes dear GiGi

    Aloha from town-side
    Comfort Spiral



  3. Christine Says:

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful Christmas with us Gigi, nice to see all the generations together! Christmas is a lonely time for some, you obviously don’t have that problem, lol. I had to tease my sister the same way, she lives in California and hosted 30 people at Christmas Eve!

  4. Linda Reeder Says:

    What a lovely family gathering! It looks like everyone was having great fun enjoying each other’s company.

  5. R.Ramakrishnan Says:

    Looks like you all had a blast. Nice pics of the family having a great time and lots of fun.

  6. Hattie Says:

    Missing you dear island people. Our Mainland Christmas was grand, but I love Christmas in Hawaii! Glad I’ll be home tomorrow.

  7. Rambling Woods Says:

    Oh what a festive house you had Gigi…lots of love there and it sounds like it was good food..Hopefully 2012 will see a fast recovery from your Bell’s Palsy with no after affects and never to come again…Merry Christmas!!!!…

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