Live and learn

Back in March, I wrote about the Pur Water Dispenser we purchased and stored in our refrigerator:

Well, we discovered that by opening the door to fill up our glass with water, frost and ice accumulated in our freezer, covering all the food and sides of the compartment.  Not only that, the milk was warm.

We called the repairman, thinking the fridge was defective.  It wasn’t.  We have since removed the Pur Water Dispenser and now take water from the tap (there’s a Pur filter attached to the faucet above our sink).  By keeping the doors of the fridge closed as much as possible, we no longer have a problem with icing in the freezer, and the food and milk are chilled properly, too.

This is the Pur filter attached to our faucet:

Live and learn.

11 Responses to “Live and learn”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    I have a filter on our sink. I really like it.

  2. DJan Says:

    I would never have thought of that, either, Gigi. As you said, live and learn.

  3. Christine Says:

    who knew? Live and learn for sure.

  4. anonymous Says:

    We drink tap water, no filter. I’m sure there are impurities, but our water sure tastes good just from the tap. I don’t know why….but other homes in our area are not that lucky. My dad replaced all the plumbing about twenty years ago and always wondered if that could be why.

    L. from W.

    • gigihawaii Says:

      If you ever change your water heater and have to drain the water from it, check to see if there is sediment at the bottom of the heater. If there is, you should install a filter on your faucet.

  5. LC Says:

    Good tips! No filter for us yet, though.

  6. Linda Reeder Says:

    Tap water here too. But if you are always opening the refrigerator door to get water, it is definitely not energy efficient. If you want chilled water, use a container with a lid, fill it from the tap filter, and refrigerate it. The difference is you are not standing with the door open to wait for the dispenser tap to fill a glass. It’s a quick open and shut.

    • gigihawaii Says:

      I might try that. Problem is, we might open the door too often. It’s best to keep it shut as much as possible. Ditto the freezer door to get ice cubes.

  7. Hattie Says:

    We have a filter installed under the sink. And we don’t drink iced drinks as much as we used to but have accustomed ourselves to room temperature water.

  8. Arkansas Patti Says:

    Good thing you have an honest repairman. My tap has so much chlorine in it I am not sure a filter would work. I still buy bottled which I don’t enjoy.

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