Side effects of decaf beverages


Ever since I switched from regular coffee and regular Diet Pepsi to decaffeinated, I have been feeling extremely sluggish and groggy.  I find myself dozing off on the sofa during the day and going to bed with David around 7:30 pm.  I wonder if the lack of caffeine will result in weight gain due to a slower metabolism.

One benefit of drinking decaf exclusively is the complete lack of nervousness and jitteriness.  I am also sleeping at night for longer intervals.  Instead of waking up every two hours, I now sleep for 3-4 hours at a stretch.  This is quite an improvement.  I hope to eventually sleep through the night, getting at least 6 hours of sleep if not more.

How long will this sluggishness and grogginess continue?  Is there an end in sight?  I sure wish I had more pep.

9 Responses to “Side effects of decaf beverages”

  1. Christine Says:

    Good for you getting off caffeine, it must be just an adjustment you have to go through. worth it, if you get better sleep.

  2. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    I drink espresso, about 4-5 cups (two shots) per day. I bought a teapot last weekend and am resuming my intake of hot tea, hoping to replace at least one of the cups of espresso coffee. I sleep from 9:30 to 3:30-4:30 every night and get up around 5:00 each morning. I never drink soft drinks. They are terrible for me.

    My activity level, which includes early morning garden work and housework every day, will increase when the weather improves.

    • gigihawaii Says:

      I rarely drink hot drinks. I prefer iced coffee with skim milk, no sugar. Or iced tea, no sugar, no milk. I haven’t had espresso in years, but remember how concentrated it was even with milk. Isn’t coffee delicious? Love the aroma, too. Maybe I should experiment with decaf tea…

    • gigihawaii Says:

      Also, it is incredible that the caffeine doesn’t adversely affect your sleep!

  3. anonymous Says:

    We know how important getting at least 6 hours of sleep every night is….so this is good news! My sleep is not compromised by caffeine. I can drink a cup in the evening and fall asleep same time. What keeps me up is mental stress. Being upset, worried, lots on my mind, lots to do, etc. Lately, we’ve been using the Kindle Fire as a “go to sleep” tool…watching video until we fall asleep or playing multiplayer solitare, or listening to Pandora. I’ve noticed we go to bed earlier and fall asleep easier.

    L. from W.

  4. Hattie Says:

    I drink coffee but not after 3:00 p.m. and think it is the most wonderful thing and would never give it up.
    Do you know Bach’s Coffee Cantata? It’s my theme song.

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