Bizzare news


Today, I have the day off from babysitting, as I have two appointments:  one with the podiatrist and one with the travel agent.  More about them tomorrow.

Some odd news recently struck me as being utterly bizarre:

  1. People with blood types A, B, and AB are at higher risk for a heart attack than those with O blood type.  I am A+.  Any cause for alarm?
  2. Babies who snore will have behavioral problems, such as aggressiveness and hyperactivity, when they grow up.

Both stories made it seem that individuals with those traits are doomed, no matter what they do.  Has scientific research ever been disproven?  You bet!  In a couple of years, some other scientist will find a reason to debunk these conclusions.

Meanwhile, I’ll diet and exercise to compensate for my blood type.  And, I am happy to report that my grandson has never snored during these past two years of watching him nap in my home.

P.S.  Two year old Rylan has learned a little Spanish from the kids book and TV show, “Dora, the Explorer.”  A foreign guest asked him, “How do you say ‘open’ in Spanish?”  Rylan replied, “Abre.”

12 Responses to “Bizzare news”

  1. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    Ryan is so adorable. All our kids and grandkids will be multilinguistic I think.

    As for blood type. I am an A and have had a heart attack and a stroke. I don’t think my blood type caused it however, genetics certainly played a role.

  2. anonymous Says:

    I don’t pay much attention to these coincident studies. There are too many other variables that alter the outcome.

    L. from W.

  3. R.Ramakrishnan Says:

    A lot of hogwash and bull….pure rumor mongering !

  4. Hattie Says:

    This is not science but the pseudoscience that there is so much of these days.

  5. Suzanne Says:

    Congrat on Ryan’s Spanish word. I wish I had been exposed to a second language at a young age.

  6. Christine Says:

    The news always make you think! I’m type O I think. Can’t wait to hear about the appointments.

  7. musings Says:

    I think they said the 0 blood type had a slightly better outlook when it comes to heart attacks so I ignored it.

  8. musings Says:

    P.S. Did you see the article about pedicures and infections in the paper this morning?

  9. DrumMajor Says:

    Gigi — wouldn’t try to change your blood type because of the news. I thought it read a higher risk (not doom) for those with AB blood type; That doesn’t mean those with A or those with B.
    I’m an “O”, so hopefully I’ll be around a long time to bother you.

    Just like adult sleep apnea, the snoring and reasons for it can be of concern to infants.

  10. Henry Hank Chapin Says:

    I’m O neg and cytomegalovirus-free which means my blood can be given to newborn babies, especially preemies. I understand that my blood usually went to the newborns at Kapiolani Children’s Hospital as a result. That made me feel good.

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