Anything else to do?


Well, it’s done.  David and I voted and mailed in our Absentee Ballots on Wednesday.  We hope President Obama is elected to a second term.

On another note, I have been informing Maria about what to do if David and I either die or are incapacitated during our trip next month.  She now knows about the life insurance, the deeds to our house and cemetery plots, etc.  So much to know!  I hope she remembers it all.  To make things efficient, I put the information in a safe place for her.

We purchased travel insurance, too.  It covers dental/medical care, medication, ambulance, hospital, and refund of air fare, hotel, and other tour costs if something happens to us.  It was expensive, but the travel agent advised us to protect ourselves.  Maria knows where to find the insurance policy.

David called the bank and two credit card companies about using the cards on our trip.  I hope there’s no hitch in India!

I also placed a hold on our mail and newspaper delivery.

And, yes, the security alarm on all windows and doors is monitored and activated.

Is there anything else we should do before we leave?

22 Responses to “Anything else to do?”

  1. NRIGirl Says:

    How about your cell phones? Do you have it activated for International use? You may need the appropriate adaptors or pins to charge your batteries, handhelds etc as the voltage is different and so are the plugs.

    • gigihawaii Says:

      We decided not to use our cell phones in India. If there is an emergency at home, Maria can call the travel agency to relay her message to us. The agency will know where we are at any given time. She can also email us. I am bringing my laptop.

      Yes, we bought two international adaptors for India.

  2. Christine Says:

    you are all organized and set for a great trip, it’s all in the preparation!

  3. R.J. Says:

    The travel insurance is a very wise investment. We have used it on two occasions to cover two trips that had to be cancelled–one due to a death in the family, and one due to personal illness. We had to produce tons of paperwork and document all the circumstances to claim the cost of the trips. I’m a believer.

  4. R.Ramakrishnan Says:

    Looks like you have taken care of all details meticulously. A good preparartion is essential for a wonderful worry free trip.

  5. DJan Says:

    You must be getting very excited about the trip. I am looking forward to it as well! 🙂

  6. Jeanie Says:

    It sounds like you have covered all the important things….if I recall correctly you have even already planned what you are going to pack. That is always the hard part of a long trip for me.

  7. Beatrice Says:

    Yes, the older you get the more careful you are……I travelled around the world without taking any sort of preparations ahead all the many years, not even when I worked in India; I wasn’t even vaccinated and – nothing ever happend 🙂

  8. L. from W. Says:

    Wheelchair? That two hour walk seems strenuous. Maybe the road is not even passable on wheelchair? Maybe you could tell him you want one for yourself, then a wheelchair will be there on the trip for him if he needs it.

    Turn off washer water valves. Some people do it after every wash.

    I write down a list of purse and wallet contents (not leaving anything to memory) and the lost/stolen customer service numbers of all lthe credit cards we bring and leave the information in my suitcase.

    Your trip sounds so ready made that all you have to bring is yourself lol…I agree that packing under weight and size limit is the greatest challenge. Because of first baggage fees we are limiting our luggage to one checkin and two carryons for 38 nights. I started packing yesterday since I don’t want to pack last minute and throw everything in like we used to. We’ll just end up buying the odds and ends that we need and throwing a lot away on the last day. We have always traveled with two suitcases.

  9. L. from W. Says:

    ps…I told husband….your trip begins in two weeks and our trip begins two weeks after your trip ends lol

    I’m excited!!!

  10. Grannymar Says:

    I have a friend who brings ‘older clothes’ on holiday – other travellers do not know that they are not brand new. She leaves some of them behind at the end of her stay, and in that way she has space for the items she buys like presents and mementos. You seem all set now. The Travel Insurance is money well spent.

  11. Linda Reeder Says:

    It sounds like you are ready! when do you leave?

  12. L. from W. Says:

    We bring a Brita water bottle with replaceable filters on trips. That way we need to buy fewer cases of water and not haul up any bottles to the hotel room. Husband agreed that it worked perfectly last year. Despite the travel agency providing bottled water (guessing), I would bring a Brita just in case you’re stranded and need to drink unbottled water.

    L. from W.

  13. Tilly Bud - The Laughing Housewife Says:


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