Did you know this about batteries?

Hawaii at sunset.

It’s a good thing I checked online.  I discovered that TSA will allow me to take any number of lithium batteries as long as they are in the original packaging and stored in a Ziploc bag.  This will prevent spontaneous fires on board the airplane.  In fact, I will not be allowed to store these batteries in checked in luggage.  They can be stored only in carry on bags so that if there is a fire, the attendant can quickly extinguish it inside the cabin.  (Not possible in the cargo belly of the aircraft!)

David thinks that batteries can be carried on board the aircraft if they have been taped on both ends and don’t rub against each other or against metal, coins, and jewelry.  However, why take a chance?  I intend to buy prepackaged batteries and when some are taken out, I’ll tape the package shut.  These batteries are for my computer mouse and for my receiver/earphones during the tour, as our guide will be speaking to us with a wireless microphone.  For the receiver, I will need 8 batteries and David will need 8 batteries, 16 total, to last us for the duration of our 2 week trip.

Did you know this about batteries?

P.S.  TSA will permit you to have a battery already in your device.  It is just the loose batteries they are concerned about.

18 Responses to “Did you know this about batteries?”

  1. Christine Says:

    I did not know this, you are so organized!

  2. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    We use the rechargeable Lithium batteries. I did not know about the battery rule for airplanes. I had none with me, so did not learn this lesson. I know TSA is very careful with cell phones, however. Dianne

  3. Grannymar Says:

    Surely you can buy batteries in India? Why not check it out with the travel company. Why carry items that you can purchase locally at half the price?

    • gigihawaii Says:

      Batteries might be more expensive in India. I remember paying $10 for a roll of Kodak film in Croatia, for instance, when I could have gotten it for $3 in Hawaii.

  4. DJan Says:

    I have lithium batteries in my camera and there has never been a problem when I go through security at the airport. I didn’t know this, either.

  5. Jeanie Says:

    That is all news to me. I’m not sure I’ve ever tried to carry batteries on an airplane except for ones already in a device.

  6. DrumMajor Says:

    Rules may vary between brand of airline and the TSA. I read that TSA doesn’t want batteries in the device, like a travel alarm, and that I was to take them out, and store the batteries separate from the device, in checked luggage. I didn’t take the batteries out of my hearing aid, nor my camera. My instructions didn’t differentiate between regular, rechargeable or lithium.

    • gigihawaii Says:

      You should recheck the current TSA rules, as they change sometimes. For example, a few years ago you were allowed only 2 batteries. Now, there is no limit.

  7. DrumMajor Says:

    Last year I didn’t read anything about limits, but when I come visit you again, I’ll recheck! DrumMajor

  8. L. from W. Says:

    Thanks for the reminder…to reread TSA rules. We had quite a few small items thrown away at security point in the past…husband forgot he had his usual handy tools attached to his keys, a regular sized toothpaste, and a Costco tub of kiwis. Dumb I know…

  9. Suzanne Says:

    I had no idea loose batteries were hazardous. Good to know.

  10. Kay's Musings Says:

    I had no idea too. This is very interesting. I’ll check before we go on anymore trips.

  11. Henry Hank Chapin Says:

    When I went to India in 1973, they told us eyeglasses were really cheap and you can get them next day. They got the prescription from the glasses you wear. I got a couple of extras.

  12. Linda Reeder Says:

    That’s a lot of batteries for your transmitter/receivers!
    I had no idea there were battery rules. I carry spares for my cameras in carry on all of the time, and not in packages.

  13. R.Ramakrishnan Says:

    Gigi: India is an open economy and imports are encouraged. Batteries cost about the same as they cost in the US. Earlier I used to ask my duaghter to buy batteries and carry with her during her India trips. Now I buy them only in India. Crotia ia a different economy altogether and not comparable with the situation in India.
    Regards Ram

    ps: But nevertheless suggest carry batteries with you. Other wise you might be wasting time trying to locate battery shops in Delhi 🙂

  14. Tilly Bud - The Laughing Housewife Says:

    Better safe than sorry!

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