What to wear in India


David bought me a windbreaker, lined with fleece and attached to a hood.  I hope to use it when we visit a mosque in India next month.  Women are supposed to cover their head and shoulders, arms and legs in that holy place.

I also hope the windbreaker is warm enough.  I googled the weather in Delhi the other day and learned that the temperature has ranged from 60 to 85 degrees F, and it is still October!  Wow!  I assume that the temperature will be lower than that come November.  The temperature could dip down into the 40s.

We were told to layer our clothing, but how can I do that dressed in a long muumuu?  Yeah, I realize I should wear long pants on this trip.  Most women will.  However, I haven’t worn slacks in years, perhaps over a decade.  Fat chance I’ll start now!

I’m also going to wear open-toe sandals.  The jogging shoes I bought earlier this year hurt my big toes, which I am still treating with an antibiotic for infection.  Hope my feet don’t freeze during a sudden cold front.

Should I wear my wedding ring?  The tour guide told us to “leave your gold and diamonds and Rolex watches at home and wear a cheap Timex watch.”  Hmmm.  I sort of feel naked without my wedding ring, though.

The anticipation is building, folks!  I can hardly wait to be on that plane and fly above the clouds!

21 Responses to “What to wear in India”

  1. suranga date (@ugich) Says:

    You will see lots of women in the North, and particularly Delhi wearing what is called “salwar-kameez”. This is a set of loose comfy drawstring trousers, on which you wear knee lengrh decorative tunics, and then fling a scarf around your neck/shouldres. Make sure you get one of these wonderful things in silk in Delhi. They are very comfortable. and all covering , and u get them in various materials. including pure cotton, georgette, wash and wear fabric etc etc with amazing handwork/embroideries ad so on

    • gigihawaii Says:

      Excellent idea! Hope I can find one in my size. I also want to buy some Indian bracelets for myself and my older daughter, and Indian tea for my younger daughter. Indian toys for my grandkids!

  2. Christine Says:

    The excitement is building! You have prepared so well, it will be a great trip!

  3. NRIGirl Says:

    Wedding ring shouldn’t be a problem as long as keep it on all the time and do not forget it in the washroom or at the hotel.

    Open toe sandals may not be a good idea if you would be walking a lot. Keep your sneaker too handy.

    Also, if you have room in your luggage pack your own towels. You will appreciate the comfort of home it offers.

    You may also grab a pack of hand towels from Costco; which have proved very useful in my travels – to wipe the washed hands at restaurants, washrooms where paper napkins are missing. A clean one could be used for a refreshing face wash too.

    Don’t forget chewing gum, ear buds, socks, and other travel size indulgences you could appreciate. Throw in your favorite candy which will offer a quick snack and could also ease cranky children.

    Finally, carry a role of toilet tissue at all times. You will never know!

    Now these are tips from my visits to India which is my home country.

  4. Beatrice Says:

    It is alaways warm in India, except the late afternoons in January, but these are still warm enough to wear sandals. It is different when you go to places where the Himalaya rises up. You will be alright with what you want to wear.
    Beatrice ☀

  5. Arti Says:

    Wedding Ring should be fine I guess. You can always leave it in the hotel room. You must try an Indian Saree when in India 🙂
    Even I can feel butterflies in my stomach on your behalf 🙂

  6. Grannymar Says:

    If you are worried about your wedding ring, keep it on your finger 24/7 and cover it with a plaster when you are out and about. If you stay within your group there should be no problem.

    • gigihawaii Says:

      There will be a little free time in the afternoon in certain cities that I can use for shopping. That would also be dangerous, as David and I would be alone (away from our tour group) in the market place. At that time, I will store my ring in my purse.

      • ~L. Says:

        Unless you have a slash proof purse it is probably safer to wear a bandaid over your ring, Maybe wear some travelers wallet that you wear under your clothing concealed in the undergarments.

  7. L. from W. Says:

    I’ve lost one wedding band and we were twice burglarized with all my jewelry stolen. I didn’t bother taking my jewelry with me when we left the house for tent fumigation (I did not put on jewelry daily those days and most of what I had were from my younger days as gifts). The second time our house was broken in and the few pieces of jewelry I bought with the insurance money was stolen. (Hmmm…I didn’t file a claim the second time I guess.) Since, I have bought jewelry online sight unseen, so each piece is not worth more than a few hundreds, but they are solid gold and silver at least compared to what stores are selling these days. I don’t wear any wedding rings, and just use “a” ring. On trips I wear one of those rings. I’m not fussy about anything I wear I guess including clothes. If I lose a ring, I would be out a few bucks (for some of the rings I bought at auction in 2001-2, I paid more for shipping than the sold price). So I’ve solved that problem for me, at least emotionally I’m no longer attached but at least I have some jewelry to wear.

    • gigihawaii Says:

      When I was single, living in NYC, my apartment was burglarized twice and I personally was mugged once in an elevator on Fifth Avenue. But, since returning to Hawaii to live in 1975, nothing of the sort has happened to me. Knock on wood. Our present house is wired and monitored by a security company, so maybe that is a deterrent.

      • L. from W. Says:

        Actually, only two pieces were not stolen in the burglary…a pearl necklace given to me by my step grandmother and a 14K character pendant from Hong Kong circa 1970s given by my husband’s friend from their trip. I guess these were not in vogue enough for the burglar to bother lol

  8. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    Sounds exciting. India is a big place with different elevations. So it will depend on where you travel as to whether or not you get cold I think.

  9. Suzanne Says:

    What an exciting time. I leave my ring behind when traveling as I would worry about it. It sounds like it will be a blast.

  10. Henry Hank Chapin Says:

    Wear the wedding ring! My wife would not take hers off and now I appreciate that as a sign of her fealty, loyalty, and commitment.

  11. gigihawaii Says:

    I have decided to wear my wedding ring, because the diamond is small, just 1/2 a carat, with 14 carat gold. Who would want it? Besides me? Lol.

  12. R.Ramakrishnan Says:

    Gigi: I think you worry too much. You seem to be overcome by paranoia. Looks like you are expecting demons at every step of your trip. Be confident,be cool.Take all necessary basic precautions and just relax and enjoy the trip.

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