Bad hair days

Like most women, I often have bad hair days, when my hair doesn’t behave and sticks out in all directions.  Rather than stress over it, I have decided to wear a hat.  I specifically asked David and Maria to give me a hat for my birthday this year.

Well, my husband bought me two from Macy’s.  I intend to wear the white one outdoors in the sunshine, and the beige one to restaurants:

hats 001-A

Thanks, hubby!

Maria hasn’t been able to find a suitable hat yet.  I’ll post a photo of it here when she does.

Here’s a photo of me prior to leaving for my birthday dinner at 53 By The Sea restaurant:

me with hat 002-A

I’ll write a review of the restaurant next time.

I just hope my hats don’t fly off in the wind!  And, no, I don’t intend to wear them to the opera or theater, because people behind me would not be able to see the stage.

How do you cope with Bad Hair Days?  Have you tried wearing a hat?

12 Responses to “Bad hair days”

  1. Musings Says:

    That’s a wonderful hat. I think it’s very attractive. I love hats, but only to wear in the sun. It hasn’t occurred to me to wear it indoors. You might start a trend.

  2. Tilly Bud - The Laughing Housewife Says:

    You look good in a hat. I wish I did.

    I just tie back my hair.

  3. Suzanne Says:

    I really enjoy my baseball cap these days. I have tried pretty hats but they fly off my head in the wind.

  4. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    Love the hats. I have dozens of hats and wear them all the time. I have had skin cancer twice, so I don’t fool around. Wear hats on cold days to protect my sinuses too.

    No more bad hair days here. My hair is short like I wore it when i was younger. So easy to care for. I call it my wash and wear hair.


  5. L from W Says:

    Nice hats…I don’t think I would match in a hat worn indoors. I think you have to be graceful and sophisticated and have the panache to wear it. Certainly not for me. I’m still looking for the perfect outdoor sun hat protector; even that is proving difficult.

  6. Jeanie Says:

    I like seeing other people in hats but I always feel like I am playing dress-up when I wear one.

  7. Beatrice Says:

    I hardly have bad hair days as I have long and heavy hair.
    Still I like to wear hats, too!

  8. Christine Says:

    I think I mostly have bad hair days! Those hats are a good idea! Happy New Year Gigi!

  9. De Says:

    You look so nice with the hat on. I always have bad hair days and I just try using water to get my hair from sticking out. My kids play sports in the sun so I’m always trying on hats or visors and nothing fits right. I think I have too much hair so most hats don’t even fit.

    Try using jewelry (pin) to spice up the hat. Or a feather lei or even your scarves would look nice.

  10. DrumMajor Says:

    Love the beige hat with that muumuu! I sometimes just give up on my hair and rewet it, or hope I don’t scare anyone. I like visors for being in the sun. DrumMajor

  11. Linda Reeder Says:

    I really don’t like wearing hats, but I do wear visors most of the summer around here. Yours looks good.

  12. Grannymar Says:

    I have a couple of sun-hats and about three for wearing in the very cold days. Maybe i should do a post about them soon.

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