Greens & Vines

Greens and vines 001-A

This is my sister Sylvia’s new restaurant, Greens & Vines, which is located on the corner of Ward and Kapiolani in Honolulu.  There are seven parking stalls on the ground floor inside the building that are free for customers.  Others can find parking on the street.

Greens and vines 009-A

This is the outside patio, where customers can dine.

Greens and vines 023-A

Here’s a shot of the indoor dining area.  As you can see, it was packed on a Saturday night.

Greens and vines 006-A

This is David and I toasting each other with Proseco, an Italian champagne.  Cheers, darling!

Greens and vines 008-A

Amuse Bouche (teriyaki flavored almonds).  Sorry, David’s flash didn’t work.

Greens and vines 013-A

Sampler Dips n Chips:  Mac nut spread; Tri-layer dip of sunflower seed dip, guacamole, and cashew “sour cream”, with nacho; and Spicy coco dip.  With onion bread and flax seed thins.

Greens and vines 021-A

Living Lasagna:  Zucchini “pasta,” pesto, sun-dried tomato marinara, macadamia nut “ricotta,” spinach and sliced tomatoes.  With a small local salad.

Greens and vines 017-A

David’s dessert:  Wicked chocolate tart.  (Raw cacao powder, coconut oil, raw agave nectar, and an almond crust with organic maple syrup powder.  With raspberry coulis and a vanilla bean sauce.)

Greens and vines 019-A

Gigi’s dessert:  Organic tangerine cheesecake.  (Tangerines, cashews, almonds, dates, agave, coconut oil)

We didn’t get around to trying the other entrees, Hawaiian coffee and herbal teas, but this will be an incentive to return to this fabulous restaurant.  It really is a unique place offering unique delicious food.  CONGRATS, SYLVIA!  I AM SO PROUD OF YOU, SIS!!!

10 Responses to “Greens & Vines”

  1. Jeanie Says:

    Everything looks really wonderful. I hope the restaurant is a big success for your sister.

  2. DrumMajor Says:

    Looks tasty. Maybe Sylvia has a website with menus? I “binged” it yesterday and saw many other good reviews, but didn’t see the restaurant’s website. Was the living lasagna warm or cold? It’s on my list for the next visit! DrumMajor

    • gigihawaii Says:

      The lasagna is chilled. No food is cooked. That’s why the sign says “Raw, Vegan, Gourmet.” Sylvia believes that cooking destroys enzymes and other nutrients.

  3. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    Beautiful restaurant. Congrats to your sister.

  4. Suzanne Says:

    Wow! That looks amazing. How brave of her to open a restaurant.

  5. Christine Says:

    you have to be proud of your sister, this restaurant and food looks very upscale and fabulous! Vegetarian fare is becoming very popular even among non vegetarians these days!

  6. L...w Says:

    Congrats to your sister. You look very classy wearing a hat indoors.


  7. Grannymar Says:

    That food looks very inviting. By the way, the hat really suits you, Gigi.

  8. Musings Says:

    Wow! That really looks fabulous! I agree that the hat looks lovely. You’re tempting me.

  9. R.Ramakrishnan Says:

    looks like a great place to dine out. What a fabulous spread !

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